Friday, September 6, 2013

Workout Update, Ollie Update, Lotsa Updates in Here

Happy Friday, everyone! So glad the week is out! People are all kinds of crazy this week. Glad to stick around Council Bluffs this week. How was your week?

This has been kind of a crazy, emotional roller coaster of the week. It started out well enough, I was getting my three workouts in (Butt Challenge, Plank Challenge, BodyRock), but on Tuesday, it got a little crazy up in here.

Firstly, remember Ollie the Marshwiggle? Or puppy, as you might remember him.

Well, he was giving us a LOT of trouble last weekend, and at the start of the week. And by us, I mean mostly my sister. Then on Tuesday when I got home from work, I decided to give my sister a break and play with him, myself. Funny thing. His lips had started getting red, and we couldn't figure out why. Things were going okay in the backyard. He was on his tie-out, I was throwing him a ball. He explored. Typical dog stuff. Then he kept running at me and jumping. And biting at my red pants, which were a similar color to his red squeaky ball. He get play biting at my legs and jumping up, honestly freaking me out. It was really scary. My sister came to take over for me so I could change my pants. I thought maybe the red color, like a bull, was setting him off. I get back downstairs, and he's a bit calmer, but we decide to put him back in the kennel.

After dinner, we decided to try to take him for a walk. Or, I did, rather. He's gotten into that bad habit of chewing on his leash, trying to take the lead, and he started going after my feet again, and no amount of bopping him on the face and crying "Ow!" or "No!" would make him stop. Mom saw us from her office, and ran out to shout at him. She's got that angry mommy voice down, and he stopped. Back to the kennel he went, and shaky to the couch I went.

I'm not afraid of dogs. Never have been. This was a big thing for me. We'd pretty much all but decided to send Ollie back to his original owner. The next day, Ollie and mom had a heart to heart, and he was completely different. She came to the conclusion that one of his toys that he'd been playing with might have had a dye in it that reacted badly with him (hence the red lips), and when we went on a walk, he was okay.

Now he's signed up for obedience training, starting next weekend, and I'm pretty optimistic about it. I'm hoping in six weeks, I have an almost running buddy.

Speaking of running, since Ollie going after my feet on Tuesday got my heart rate up so high (took me 20 minutes to calm down! But I got to skype with my lovely bestie, Lauren, so that made it a bit better), I didn't workout. I could've, but I honestly forgot. I'm a day behind, but I"m hoping to make it up tomorrow.

Also, I think I'm going to change my plank challenge. I don't feel like I'm gaining much strength, so I've found some plank exercises that I'm going to start doing instead. Hope to build some upper body and core strength to better my running. Tomorrow morning, I'm hoping the track at the high school will be vacant so I can run. I was going to get fitted for shoes today, but forgot to wear socks. I'm sure I could've bought some, but I didn't feel like it. Maybe next week.

The most exciting part of my day is that I paid off my cruise in February, and it is less than six months away! Getting so close! I was talking to some girls at work today, and since I don't work Mondays, and it was a holiday, so I get PTO instead of a day off (so much better than a day off!). When that PTO goes into my account, I'll have a full week available to me. My coworkers were asking me what I'm going to do with it, and I told them about the cruise. I think I'm going to be known as Weird Disney Girl in the office now. I'll take it.

That's pretty much it. I'll be so excited to finally be on the Wonder. It's getting so close! I can feel the ocean breeze!

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