Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Adventures of Oliver the Marshwiggle: Training Day 1

The Adventures of Oliver the Marshwiggle!

So, as you might remember, about three or four weeks ago, we got a Marshwiggle. Well, today he started Obedience Training at the Nebraska Humane Society, and my sister and I were pumped. Probably a bit more than Ollie at first. Last time he was in a car for any length of time was when my sister brought him home, so I don't know if he was prepared for a longish car ride. He was a bundle of nerves for the entire trip, and was "Play" biting me. Not amused.

The Nebraska Humane Society has a big Omaha campus, complete with Bone Jour Doggy Day Camp, a Training Center (where classes were held), on top of the Kennel where they adopt out pets. It was apparently Free Kitten Day. We didn't go in, though. We would've left with a couple, and then been in REAL trouble! Jane, Henry and Tris would NOT have been amused.

Anyway, back to training. When we got there, we had no idea which building it was in, and ended up at the Doggy Day Care. We needed to be up near the main street and Walgreens. Rather than wrestle Oliver back in the car, we just walked up. We, thankfully, weren't the last ones to show up, and class had barely started. Now we know to take Crescent to 680 instead of I-80 around. Silly Google Maps. We also know which building to go to.

When we first got in, there were about seven or eight other dogs, mostly with at least two handlers. I feel like my job today was to watch and take in information. And to run over to Walgreens when we ran out of treats halfway through training. I also opted to drive home.

I really enjoyed our first day of training. Our teacher (I didn't get her name) was very knowledgeable, very kind, and she didn't stick with the same dog to demonstrate things on. Oliver was mesmerized when she came over to us, and I was confident we'd made the right decision coming to THIS particular class. And it was half the price of the one at Petsmart, where we had friends who'd taken that class.

This afternoon, after we'd all gotten a bit of a rest, my sister and I took him out to the front yard to practice what we'd learned.

Learning Loose Leash Walking
Allons-y is his Mark word for walking

Our teacher taught us the carrot on a string trick,
using a spoon and peanut butter!

Henry's not too sure about this training business.

He watched the entire lesson.

Learning Down and Stay. Needs work. 

Finally got him down to stay.
He was significantly more calm and attentive. On the way home, when he was sitting in the backseat with my sister. So different than the dog we took out there. I'm confident that Oliver could be the most improved this week. I still think we need a new leash. I honestly feel like ours is going to snap.

This is the first installment of the Marshwiggle Adventures in Training. I hope to have a video to present at the end of the 6-weeks to show how well he's improved. But after one week, I'm impressed with how the Humane Society Training is done.

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