Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Adventures of Oliver the Marshwiggle: So, this happened...

In today's installment of the Marshwiggle Chronicles, we talk week three.

After two weeks of getting stuck in traffic and arriving barely on time, sis and I left an hour before we had to be there, took a new route and arrived with 25 minutes to spare. Lots of time to show off Oliver's behaviors to the teachers. 

BEFORE that, however, we decided to walk him around to get some energy worked off, and to do his business. While cleaning up said business (my job. Lucky, huh?), I hear a wolf whistle. Very 1940's Red Hot Riding Hood. I turned my head and saw a guy driving by, who winked at me. While I had a baggie full of dog poo. 

I will never understand men. 

The only thing that went through my mind was not to be flattered. Instead, the wise words of Adele, the singer, echoed in my mind: "If a man whistles at you, don't respond. You're a woman,  not a dog."
Very wise words indeed. Even if I was at the Humane Society. 

After that, we found the training room (there was an event, so we switched rooms to the main building). If you've never been to the Nebraska Humane Society on 90th and Fort, and you like animals, go. Its like a zoo, where you get to pick a pet to take home with you! There's even a pet store, where I bought Oliver a new 6 foot leash. It's awesome! 

We're getting a new Humane Society in Council Bluffs. I hope it's as cool. 

Oliver was pretty distracted in the new space, but all the dogs were. Lots of barking, but we did get to go around and meet the other dogs in class, which was fun. So many pretty puppies! We're continuing with positive reinforcement, but Oliver seems to be getting bored. Were halfway through the class, though, with tentative plans to continue with more advanced classes over the course of the year. 

Maybe people will stop trying to get my attention with a whistle. Maybe next time, I'll get this!

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