Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Fitness Challenge(s)

I haven't talked about fitness here in awhile because, frankly, I'm a bit sad and ashamed that I haven't been more consistent with my workouts. My gym membership has now lapsed, and I've been looking for something quick but cardio heavy to really get myself working up a sweat.

Walking the dogs in humidity will do that to you. Sopping wet sweaty. Fun times.

But, being that it's September, and the countdown to my 28th birthday has begun (28....oh my gosh...), I've decided to give myself the gift of finally completing something. Not one fitness challenge, but two month long fitness challenges. Time wise, I don't think they'll take much time, but I hope they do the trick to get me back into working out.

The first challenge is a plank challenge. I started one a few months back, but didn't finish. It starts at 20 seconds, and by September 30 (after the scary big 2-8!), I should be holding it for a whole five minutes. I wonder if they planned it for someone with an additional X amount pounds on her frame? I guess we'll see.

Planks are good for posture and your core, and strong core muscles help your running.

Ignore the poor posture of the model in the picture
The next challenge is the défi du mois (Challenge of the month) for, a grouping of exercises to be done alongside your regularly scheduled workout. It's a butt challenge, and lord knows, I need help in that department. One of the workouts is a Burpee (at :55), which I've never done before. They're no joke. At all. I did two before I had to switch to the non-jump method. I did about four burpees in 30 seconds, and didn't include the jump upon standing. Here's hoping if there are no visual changes to my body, I'll at least feel stronger (But I really want the visual changes!)


I've also started looking into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through Bodyrock.TV/Daily Hiit, and am taking the beginner's challenge from Daily Hiit. The hardest part of the workout today was that my GymBoss app wouldn't beep when the round was up. Frustrating! So, I downloaded the HIIT Inverval Training Timer AD app through Google Play, and tested it. Works! Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's workout brings!

This is my birthday present to myself, so if I don't do it, I won't be getting a birthday present. And I really like presents. ;-)

September. The best month there is!

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