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Wedding Weekend!

"When my roommate came through the door, I thought it was you, pulling a Golden Girls finale and coming back for a final goodbye!" The blogger's best friend, and short twin texted.

Self-portraits are awkward. Much like us.

"I'd have to say her for two reasons," The blogger's sister and traveling companion answered their cousin when asked who was more attractive, the cousin or his wife. "A, she's not related to me, which is a trait I always find attractive in a person, and B, she's got Boobs!" The cousin couldn't argue either point, and a memorable moment was made.

The Cousin's Daughter, and Adorable Flower Girl
"I never want to get in a car again," She said in a most ridiculous manner, as if she never would get in a moving vehicle again.

Nebraska Cornfields. Check out that sky!

"I want to see you again later this week," The chiropractor added as the blogger stood up from the adjustment table. "Your back is a mess!"

Colorado Mountains: Meteorological Irony
These are a few memorable moments from my weekend with my family out in Colorado Springs (And after, considering the visit to the chiro, which holy cow! I feel better!

Last week, my family was lamenting how sad we were that none of us could make it to my cousin, Andrew's wedding this last weekend. I'd paid all my bills for my paycheck, checked my bank balance, and decided I could afford the gas to get there as long as I could impose on the generosity of my aunt and uncle (who are two of the most generous people in the history of ever). My mom then decided that my sister had to come with, as it would be the first time all six of my grandpa's grandchildren would be together (when we were little, the youngest hadn't been born yet).

The drive was long, and my sister and I stopped off in Centennial, Colorado, to see my best friend, Lauren, who took us to Cafe Rio, a restaurant that was a cross between Qdoba and Pepperjax. I got the Salmon Taco specials, and Lauren also convinced us to try their Mint Limeade. It was so refreshing after an eight hour car trip. On our way out, we also sampled their horchata, and a shot cup of it was just enough. It was heavy, but that little cup was perfectly delicious.

Afterward, we headed down to Monument, where the rehearsal dinner, and later the wedding, was going to take place. It was a beautiful hotel, and the wedding was taking place in the back under a gazebo. There was a great view. My sister and I had a great time catching up with our cousin, Ann, who'd come up from Florida, leaving her husband and their two sons at home. We also caught up with the aforementioned generous aunt. Aside from being tired and nursing a headache from lack of sleep and a long drive, I enjoyed myself.
(L-R) Ann, Andrew, Kiri, Weston, Julie, Me
This picture was supposed to just be us, but Andrew and his son, Wes, photobombed us. Goofballs. :-)

Britney, the lovely Bride, and my uncle Jim (Her father-in-law)
The next morning, I don't know if it was the time change (Central to Mountain), or not sleeping well, but I was up at 6:30. I left my sister to sleep and went to the sitting room downstairs to read, but spent some time with my cousin's children, Wes and Shay, who were watching TeenNick.
I could get used to this view. For seriously.
When my sister got up, we made breakfast for everyone before heading over to my cousin, Joe's house, where Ann was staying, to get ready and wait for Grandpa to come pick up his girls.

Makeup is Serious Business.
Ann was funny. She's a coffee fanatic, much like me. On our way to the wedding, we were turning onto the street where the venue was and we saw a coffee shop, so we stopped. I thought Ann was going to drive over a curb to get coffee. My kind of person. ;-) But we had a nice date with grandpa. My grandpa's adorable. He seems like a tough old-school kind of guy, but give him the option to get a frou frou coffee drink, and he'll get it.
Photo by Ann
The wedding, itself, was beautiful. There were tons of stormy clouds everywhere, and it was sprinkling a lot, but when it came time for the actual wedding, it was sunny and peaceful. I think that's a good sign.

Andrew and Britney
Andrew has two children, and Britney is such a good stepmom to them. Her family welcomed them with open arms (and even us, who we'd probably not see again). Wes and Shay are two very lucky children. And some of the most polite, articulate and imaginative that I've ever met. I love seeing and talking to children like that. Gives me hope that the world isn't going to end.

The joining of two families.
Playing off their name, the wedding favors were Pez dispensers. My sister got a C3PO (that I had to steal back from a kid who stole it from underneath my sister's sweater), and I got a Goofy, which I gave to my daddy, as he loves Goofy. The cake topper were these two fun dispensers. I think these are amazing, and need to stay on display in their house. Seriously.

Viva Creative Wedding Choices!
One of the best parts of the wedding, though, was getting to see my grandfather surrounded by all of his grandchildren. It was heartwarming, and I love being his granddaughter (youngest granddaughter, I might add. LOL). He's such a sweet old man. He had to say goodbye to his longtime companion/pet, Bobby, today, but the poor puppy was old and had been sick for a long time. At least he's got a lot of people who love him to comfort him (wish I could be there for him).

Back L-R: Andrew, Joe, Danny, Ann
Front: L-R: Me, Grandpa, Kiri
On Sunday, my sister and I made the long (and I mean LONG) drive back home, by way of our mother's hometown, St. Francis, KS, to visit our grandparents' grave. It was a long drive that was completely out of our way (any by that I mean it made a longer drive than actually getting to Colorado), but it was a good drive. We had Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as read by Stephen Fry for the trip (love it!), and it was nice to zone out and focus on another world.

We haven't been to Sainty in almost ten years. Not since we lost our beloved grandmother in January 2004.

Winifred Lippert
February 23, 1928-January 1, 2004

Jackob Lippert
December 4, 1915-August 2, 1986
I cried, I admit. With seeing pictures of my paternal grandmother (who died less than a year after this one) at my aunt's house, and returning to a church holding so many memories, crying was gonna happen. As we were leaving the cemetery, happy memories came through, like Roman Candle Fights, and playing baseball in the yard (and grandma getting a homerun!). It was good to be back.

I was so glad to be home last night, in my own bed, cuddling my own cat. Jane wasn't happy I left her, but she was happy to have me back, as she's kept in view of me the entire time I've been home.

Welcome to the family, Britney, we're completely insane a lot of the time, but we're glad to have you with us.


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