Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hot Diggity DOG!

I've talked about my brood of animals before, right? If not, here's a refresher course.

The Star of our Blog, Jane Austen
Frisket the Dragon Slayer
Well, we've had a reasonably quiet house of pets so far. Occasionally Henry gets into it with Jane or Frisket, or Tris gets into it with Henry or Frisket. We have pretty low key pets. Frisket's the oldest at eleven years young, and Henry is the youngest, at five.

Until Now.

This last weekend, my sister got a call from our aunt in Kansas City. One of her coworkers had recently moved and couldn't keep his dog. It's a crying shame, and part of the reason I'm against Home Owners Associations (HOA). They're blaming a size and breed instead of factors that are beyond the dog's control (abusive, negelctful owners, perhaps?). This dog is half of what my sister has always wanted in a dog: English Bull Dog. The other half is a Beagle, and he's now my sister's little man.

Bosom Buddies

We have a kennel out on the side of the house from when we had two other dogs a few years back (may they rest in peace), where he's been spending his days, and he sleeps in my sister's room. Sadly, it's been super hot this week, so Oliver (That's his name) has spent mornings in the kennel and afternoons in his crate. He gets three walks a day, one of which is with Frisket, and can do one trick: Sit.

He'll learn to swim if we let him
It's been an adjustment, but he's just such a sweetheart, and keeping him on a schedule has helped him calm down a LOT. He knows that after his walk, he eats and spends time in his kennel, and spends time with the family in the evening (or at least he will, once we completely figure out the schedule).

Parched Puppy
We're also taking him to the Wabash Trail on weekends for an extra long walk, and to work on our endurance so we won't be winded when we go on our cruise in February.

It was the funniest thing on Saturday, though. My sister and I went to the pet store to get some toys for Oliver, one of which was a dragon. When we came home, she showed it to mom, who squeaked it, and Frisket went NUTS. We are talking fifty shades of cray cray here, and he was so bummed when he couldn't play with the dragon. After church on Sunday, I bought him his own dragon, which he's been shredding ever since. The squeaker didn't last the evening, and I've been the favorite person ever since.

The boy likes his squeaky toys.
It's been a good couple of days, getting to know Oliver. The cats still don't like him (obviously), and Frisket is still trying to prove he's the Alpha dog here. There's been some snarl action going on, but nothing else. Oliver just wants to play, but I think Frisket is the canine Nick Miller.

Anyway, time to get to bed. Be sure to check out my latest reviews on Blogger Girl and Fifty Ways to Leave Your Husband, both written by writer friends of mine. They're so good!

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