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Hot Diggity DOG!

I've talked about my brood of animals before, right? If not, here's a refresher course.

Well, we've had a reasonably quiet house of pets so far. Occasionally Henry gets into it with Jane or Frisket, or Tris gets into it with Henry or Frisket. We have pretty low key pets. Frisket's the oldest at eleven years young, and Henry is the youngest, at five.

Until Now.

This last weekend, my sister got a call from our aunt in Kansas City. One of her coworkers had recently moved and couldn't keep his dog. It's a crying shame, and part of the reason I'm against Home Owners Associations (HOA). They're blaming a size and breed instead of factors that are beyond the dog's control (abusive, negelctful owners, perhaps?). This dog is half of what my sister has always wanted in a dog: English Bull Dog. The other half is a Beagle, and he's now my sister's little man.

We have a kennel out on the side of the house from when we had two other dogs a few years back …
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Husband by K.C. Wilder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was just coming off a chick lit high of reading Blogger Girl by fellow author, Meredith Schorr when I was looking for another book to devour, and this one came into view.
I wasn't sure what to think at first, because typically books about women in their late 30's/early 40's don't really connect with me (I'm 27), but I found protagonist Eve Woolcot to be very likeable, and personable. And I could relate to going on vacation with your girlfriends, too. Best trips ever! But what happened to Eve this time around is that her partner in crime, Tamara, of the foul mouths (typically I can't stand swearing, but as a character trait, it seemed to be a great contrast to Eve's more conservative nature) was unable to attend. Instead of turning around to go home to her most likely cheating husband, she decided a few days with a few books sounded great. It was here that she met Finn, who changed he…

Ivan Mihaljevic and Side Effects

What I look for in music that I enjoy is creative themes and instrument uses. I can actually pick out bits of pieces in music that I love and memorize because I think they're so creative. I used to listen to Movie Soundtracks for the purpose of finding music that wasn't too popular because it had amazing moments.

Now Ivan Mihaljevic and Side Effects, is a group I've never heard of, like the last group I covered, Barclay & Ichinose, and if all music that comes out of Europe is like this, then Europe is where it's at music-wise.

The song I listened to the most is off their newest album, CounterClockwise, and called Driving Force. Take a listen:

I like the build up of the plucked guitar, into the driving electric guitar and drums. The lead singer, Ivan, has a great baritone and his words are clearly sung (something I appreciate), which is great when the message of the song in particular is as follows:

Our dreams are a driving force Of our passion, only source They should …
Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kim Strong is a girl that I think I'd be friends with. She reminded me a LOT of myself. Working to get by, despite being bored to tears at my job, and kind of drifting along, not allowing anything to change. She also can hold a grudge, much like me, and cherishes her closest friends above all else, again like me. Seriously. This book was like reading a what if I'd actually moved to New York after college like I had planned.
This was a really fun story. I enjoyed the dialogue, the misadventures, and the complete change that Kim went through. I feel that's the mark of a good story: How the main character changes over the course of the entire story. How they grow, how their opinions change when given new information.
Kim's high school nemesis wrote a book, and it was a book that everyone had so far adored. Kim, a well-known chick lit blogger is reluctant to read it, as she had so many bad memories of this Queen Bee fro…
How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month Selling My Kindle eBooks by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was fortunate enough to get this book while it was on promotion awhile back, and I devoured it. I've read several books on marketing for indie authors, as I AM an indie author with dreams of making writing my full-time job. When I went to college for Creative Writing, they never taught us the business side of writing, or HOW we can make money as professional authors. It was frustrating, being told to get the Publishers Guide. There had to be a better way to be a writer, and be a professional writer.

This book unlocked so many hidden doors for me. There are so many options for marketing in this book, and Ms. Tardif laid them out in such a concise manner that I got really excited to continue my book series just so I could start on the writing. She made it sound...dare I say it? Fun!

Almost immediately after finishing this book, I started to put her tips into practice. I joined t…

Wedding Weekend!

"When my roommate came through the door, I thought it was you, pulling a Golden Girls finale and coming back for a final goodbye!" The blogger's best friend, and short twin texted.

"I'd have to say her for two reasons," The blogger's sister and traveling companion answered their cousin when asked who was more attractive, the cousin or his wife. "A, she's not related to me, which is a trait I always find attractive in a person, and B, she's got Boobs!" The cousin couldn't argue either point, and a memorable moment was made.

"I never want to get in a car again," She said in a most ridiculous manner, as if she never would get in a moving vehicle again.

"I want to see you again later this week," The chiropractor added as the blogger stood up from the adjustment table. "Your back is a mess!"

These are a few memorable moments from my weekend with my family out in Colorado Springs (And after, considering the …