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"Night Draws Nigh" by Barclay & Ichinose

Oh, my gosh, you guys. I told you I was going to review some music, as I've started accepting work for reviews on, and this last week, I got my first job. I was a bit apprehensive at first, being as it's the first review, but honestly, they blew me away. I'm pretty excited to tell you about them.

They are Barclay & Ichinose, and they hail from Italy. Joe Simon Barclay sings, plays guitar, and keys. Randy Ichinose sings, plays guitar, drums and produces. On the demo that I was sent, the voices sound fairly similar, so it was hard to tell if it was one person, or both men singing. Regardless, they definitely sounded like the punk, pop and rock that influence them.

The song, Night Draws Nigh starts out with a very sweet, almost lullaby twang (maybe that's just me, but I fall asleep to random music all the time, thank you, Pandora!), but at :38, it did a complete 180-turn and there was a harder beat, more obscure time signature (I've been a piano player for almost twenty-three years. I know time signatures), and the lyrics rang out over heavy guitar and drum sounds.

The message of Night Draws Nigh is a very adventurous one, but turns melancholy. He is racing to the moon, flying, dizzy and feeling no pain, almost as if in a drug or alcohol-induced stupor. But it goes on to ask the real hard-hitting question, "Why I'm not smiling Am I quenching my happiness?" That is the question to ask, isn't it? 

A lot of musicians rely solely on sound, I notice. When I was in junior high and going to youth group a lot at church, I recall hearing people say they like a specific groups musical stylings, but they didn't listen to the lyrics. What we were all too young to understand is that lyrics and words have a habit of getting inside your head and making you think long and hard about them. If done well, that is. It's why I love words: they make you think. I probably listened to this song three or four times before I actually listened while reading along with the lyrics. While reading them, that's when the lyrics really spoke a message to me. 

The lyrics end on a desolate note, where the narrator is lost, alone and no one can help him. He doesn't know why the night draws nigh. He knows no one understands what he's going through. But then the music goes back into a normal, less chaotic time signature, almost as if reality is returning, and real life is waking him up and shaking him loose. But there's still a mix of chaos in the dueling guitar and piano, two different melodies fighting for dominance, until they start to balance each other to a faded end.

So, I don't usually go this in-depth with any kind of reviews, because as a pseudo-English major in college, I HATED reading things into the way things were said, spelled, punctuated, etc, in literature, but music speaks to me. Music tells me things that I honestly don't get from books. Seriously. You should see me when I hear a piece of beautiful film music on Pandora. I stop, there's a trance until the song is over, and I move on. If it's done well, I can see a story playing out, much like I could here. 

I'll be keeping watch over Barclay & Ichinose's website (linked above), looking out for their next LP, which is set to drop at the end of 2013, or at the beginning of 2014 (as an artist, I know how annoying those release dates can be!). 

Nice work, guys. Feel free to let me know when your LP actually drops and I'll be sure to get a message out.

  • I would love to hear more feedback. What'd my loyal readers think?


  1. I really like them hope they will release their lp soon!


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