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"Night Draws Nigh" by Barclay & Ichinose

Oh, my gosh, you guys. I told you I was going to review some music, as I've started accepting work for reviews on, and this last week, I got my first job. I was a bit apprehensive at first, being as it's the first review, but honestly, they blew me away. I'm pretty excited to tell you about them.

They are Barclay & Ichinose, and they hail from Italy. Joe Simon Barclay sings, plays guitar, and keys. Randy Ichinose sings, plays guitar, drums and produces. On the demo that I was sent, the voices sound fairly similar, so it was hard to tell if it was one person, or both men singing. Regardless, they definitely sounded like the punk, pop and rock that influence them.

The song, Night Draws Nigh starts out with a very sweet, almost lullaby twang (maybe that's just me, but I fall asleep to random music all the time, thank you, Pandora!), but at :38, it did a complete 180-turn and there was a harder beat, more obscure time signature (I've been a piano player …

New Reviews

Awhile back, I joined, hoping to make a couple bucks off doing odd jobs. I mostly offered to do edits on papers or articles, and also offered to review music on my blog.

I got my first request for a music review today. Haven't had an opportunity to listen to it in its entirety yet, but I will later today and will post my review. What I heard from it so far, I liked it, and I'm looking forward to hearing the entire thing.

If you're interested in checking it out now, here's their website:

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 237th Birthday, America, land that I love! 

I hope to come back tomorrow with a different recap (with more pics, hopefully with the help of my dad, who has a working phone camera, as mine is currently crap).

Tonight, my parents, sis and I will be heading to my aunt and uncle's house for their annual Independence Day BBQ. They always get the best fireworks, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Right now, we're doing our annual screening of Independence Day (best holiday movie EVER!), and a bit later, we're going swimming. Very low-key day. Just how I like my Staycations.

Be safe and remember the reason for the holiday.