Monday, June 10, 2013

Make it Happen Monday: The Before 30 Bucket List

Gina over at The Fitnessista posted an intriguing post today. She's a fitness instructor, Air Force wife and mother who has some awesome recipes that I need to make more of. I've been following her for a little over a year now (like many other bloggers. I should set up a list), and she's got some great workouts that I highly recommend.

Anyway, today, she posted a "Before 30" Bucket list (See the link above to go directly to that post), and she questioned her readers on what their Bucket lists might be. I thought I'd follow suit and list my own. I'm only 27, but what better time to put together a bucket list?

1. Run a half marathon. I'm slowly getting into running (really slowly. My shins were hurting when I went out today), and I have a dream to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my college girlfriends, and one friend from high school. The plan is for me to dress up as Meg from Hercules, who isn't an "official" Disney Princess (though according to Greek Mythology she was the daughter of a king, whereas even after marriage, Mulan wasn't. Just Sayin'), but she just has the best lines and song in the Disney Universe!

2. This one, I'd actually like to do by the end of this year, but my ultimate goal is to be able to quit my day job and focus completely on freelance writing, blogging and fiction writing. This has been my dream since I was nine years old, and for my entire life, it's been the only thing that's really remained constant in my vision of the future, and it's one of the only things that makes me happy and excited (singing is the other thing). The story I'm working on right now is making me more passionate than anything else I've ever done, work-wise. I've got a couple other books that I've got outlines for, and I'd love to up my blog readership Facebook Fans and Twitter followers to at least a thousand by then. That'd be awesome! *hint hint*

3. Get a dog. I miss my dog, Charmin, so much. When they say that a dog is "man's" best friend, Charm really was mine. She was born to my sister's dog, Rosie, in 1996 and died in 2010 from gastric torsion. I was completely devastated (just ask my friend, Lauren) and had a really hard time getting over it. Animals just find a place in your heart and never really leave. But, I think I'd like to get a new dog. I keep working on my mom, even telling her the tragic story of Isabella, the homeless, three-legged dog from Bosnia who is now in Foster Care in Omaha. Based on her bio on, she could be the German Shepherd version of Charm's mom, Rosie. Great attitude!

4. Write a Cook Book. I've contributed to a couple cook books in the past, but I have several friends who keep telling me to put together a cook book. I think it'd be fun and interesting, though I know it would be hard work. I'd want to invest in a good camera, rather than trying to take pictures with my phone, and I'd also have to put together enough to make a book, rather than a pamphlet. I have a few that have been my own, but a lot of the recipes on this blog have been from other people.

5. Buy a house. Or Build my dream house. The other night, I was walking around Menards with my sister (She's the HR Director there), looking at paint chips and lightswitch and socket plates. She's painting her room this month, and we got to talking about building our own homes with our own personal touches. I've touched on this in the past, how I want chickens, a movie theater in the basement, etc etc. Still rings true. I really want a place to call my own. As it stands now, I'm thinking about ripping up the nasty carpet in my bedrom (it's 19 years old this year!) and laying a cherry flooring. I'd probably paint my closet doors to match, maybe even the baseboards, and also paint my walls a gray-blue or something like that. Right now, my bedroom's pink, and it's getting a little old. I wanted tons of color in my room when I moved home, because I wanted some place that was completely different from where I'd been living (a tiny bedroom on the hellmouth with a demon even the Scoobies would be terrified to fight). I wanted some place to make me happy, and now I'm wanting some place that relaxes me. Bring on the hard wood floors!

6. This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the owning my own home, thing, but I would really like to have a garden large enough to not really need to go to the grocery store. I'd love to be able to live off the (literal) fruits of my labor. My garden is huge this year, and I think I might be getting the hang of it. I also found some Pink Lemonade Blueberries that I want to grow at Menards this week. I think it's a bit late to start growing berries, but they smelled so good! Maybe next year? Or in my new home?

7. My best friend, Lauren, and I have talked about going into business together. Probably a film business, or something like that I'd really love to make a movie with the help of our filmmaker friends from college. A complete Stephens College production (well, probably not ALL the actors, but some Stephens actors). It'd be amazing to get that film made by the time I turn 30 (I'm a bit older than the rest of them, so they have time. This is by MY 30th birthday!).
We're princesses. Deal with it. :-)
I think seven is a good number. It's Biblical. I think I can manage 7 in the next two and a half years. Now I have goals written down, with an end date of September 21, 2015. Let's see what happens. 

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