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Fun Facts Friday

Hello, again! How is everyone's Friday going? I've had a pretty decent week, but I'm so glad it's Friday, and almost time for my three day weekend. I took yesterday off blogging to work on some freelance stuff, but I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how many words I've gotten written this week. More on that later. For now, check out Fun Facts Friday!

  1. My garden is getting HUGE! I'm so proud of it, even though the only things I've harvested are leafy greens (good thing I love leafy greens). We had inside-out cheese burgers for dinner last night, and added butter lettuce on top of them. I'm also going to be harvesting massive amounts of kale for kale chips this weekend. Last time I made them, they weren't great, but I've found other recipes to try, so we'll see.
    Taken at Night with Flash

  2. Last week, I was taking daily walks at work. I wasn't wearing my tennis shoes, but my extremely worn, favorite pair of flats. Halfway through my walk, the bottoms of the flats detached from most of the top of the shoes. You can imagine my heartbreak (I'm a shoe FANATIC!), but all was well last Saturday when I went shopping for shoes with my mom and sis. I found these gorgeous pairs. My favorite are the coral with the bows. I had a pair in an aubergine (eggplant) color, and I wore them until they got holes in the bottom (sound familiar?). I'm pretty psyched to have another pair. I might have to go back and get them in Navy. They're just so darn comfortable! Payless!
    So flipping adorable! So in love!
  3. I've been bitten by the writing BUG this week. I haven't been able to stop writing. I've had to force myself to actually put it down and do something that, ya know, actually pays me. But with this book that I've started working on this week, I feel like I have a lot more passion for it. It's a stand-alone novel, and I got the idea by watching the scene from the last episode of Dawson's Creek, where Joey and Pacey see each other after a couple years. I love that relationship so much, and watching Fringe made me nostalgic for it. If I could handle seasons 2-the finale, I'd probably go back and watch them all. But, oh. This story. I actually like it better than Sugar and Spies. Which is saying a LOT, considering I've been obsessed with that series for a long time (I swear! I'll get the second on out soon!).
  4. I managed to convince my sister, cousin, and future cousin-in-law to do the Glow Run 5K with me in August. I think I got them when I said we can wear neon tutus and glow jewelry. And there's a glow-in-the-dark medal. Did I meantion there's a glow-in-the-dark medal? Haha.
  5. I've been having a really good week at work, which is surprising, considering the trials I've had there in the past. But I gotta say, when one area of your life goes right (or two. See Fact 3), something else goes spectacularly wrong. I'm not going to go into details, but I do think God is trying to teach me something about humility, teamwork, and showing up with the heart of a servant. It's a lot harder than it sounds. My mom calls it growing pains, and I have a lot of people praying. All will work out in the end. 
  6. Did you hear Esther Williams died? The Million-Dollar-Mermaid? She was a big star back in the 40's and 50's, and swam in almost every one of her movies. She was a popular pin-up for GI's during WWII, and just seemed like a beautifully nice lady. I'm a horrible swimmer, but she made me want to be a water dancer. She was 91.
Thus ends another segment of Fun Facts Friday. Kind of fun! And if you want to check out my Freelance Article, you can see it Here: Buffy: The Ultimate Superhero and 5 Lessons I learned from the Greatest Show Ever.


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