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A Roller Coaster Week Of Emotions

Sorry if I've been a little incommunicado this week. It's been the week from HELL. I only wish I were kidding. My emotions have been run through the wringer this week, and it's been several highs and several lows. I've cried more this week than I have in a long time, and I'm just ready to throw in the towel.

For starters, last week there were constant rumors that my company was going to do layoffs, and if you weren't in one of the meetings they scheduled, you were out.

I wasn't in a meeting last Tuesday.

The next day, people tried their best to clear the air, but not one of the members of upper management ever said that the rumors were untrue. I'm still pretty wary about going back tomorrow.

Oh, yeah. That's right. Tomorrow. Thinking this week would be amazing, I opted to move my regular day off, Monday, to Friday, so I could get a five-day weekend for Independence Day. I'm mentally spent just thinking about going to work tomorrow, especially wi…

Sunday Musings

Hi! Welcome back! It's been almost two weeks since my last post! Yikes! Did not mean to let it go so long, but truthfully, I have been going through some stuff, and needed to step away. Haven't had a lot of time to blog, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to blog.

You might have noticed some changes around here. I've had the blog over a year, and decided to change up the look a little bit. Give Jane Austen a little something summery. My garden's gotten so huge, I thought I could jazz dedicate the new backdrop to how great it looks!

I was looking back at the early pictures of my garden, and the amount that it's grown is absolutely amazing. My lackluster gardening efforts the last two years weren't for nothing. And we have a perfect backyard for planting. My plants are getting adequate sun, and with the soaker hose, it's easier to water them.

I've also been attempting to compost this year. Bought a $5 bin at Target, drilled some holes, dump my compostabl…

Make it Happen Monday: The Before 30 Bucket List

Gina over at The Fitnessista posted an intriguing post today. She's a fitness instructor, Air Force wife and mother who has some awesome recipes that I need to make more of. I've been following her for a little over a year now (like many other bloggers. I should set up a list), and she's got some great workouts that I highly recommend.

Anyway, today, she posted a "Before 30" Bucket list (See the link above to go directly to that post), and she questioned her readers on what their Bucket lists might be. I thought I'd follow suit and list my own. I'm only 27, but what better time to put together a bucket list?

1. Run a half marathon. I'm slowly getting into running (really slowly. My shins were hurting when I went out today), and I have a dream to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my college girlfriends, and one friend from high school. The plan is for me to dress up as Meg from Hercules, who isn't an "official" Disney Princess (tho…

Fun Facts Friday

Hello, again! How is everyone's Friday going? I've had a pretty decent week, but I'm so glad it's Friday, and almost time for my three day weekend. I took yesterday off blogging to work on some freelance stuff, but I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how many words I've gotten written this week. More on that later. For now, check out Fun Facts Friday!

My garden is getting HUGE! I'm so proud of it, even though the only things I've harvested are leafy greens (good thing I love leafy greens). We had inside-out cheese burgers for dinner last night, and added butter lettuce on top of them. I'm also going to be harvesting massive amounts of kale for kale chips this weekend. Last time I made them, they weren't great, but I've found other recipes to try, so we'll see.
Last week, I was taking daily walks at work. I wasn't wearing my tennis shoes, but my extremely worn, favorite pair of flats. Halfway through my walk, the bottoms of the flats det…

WIP Wednesday!

The Work-in-Progress (WIP) is something all artists are familiar with. You always know that something will be finished eventually, and where you want it to go, but it's not quite there yet.

I have several works-in-process right now. The Truth and the Spy that I posted yesterday, plus two outlines that I finished last week. I've recently started turning one of those outlines into a real book. I'm still thinking about a title, but it's about a couple who were really in love, who parted ways with broken hearts, only to find each other again ten years later. I'm a romantic at heart. I love people who get together in the end. The last episode of Dawson's Creek made me so happy (not even a huge fan of the show, but I was so glad Joey chose Pacey!), Luke and Lorelai getting back together at the end of Gilmore Girls also made me happy, just not to the extent of Joey/Pacey (I blame the whole last season of GG and its show runners).

Anyway, my two lead characters, Xander…

Share Tuesday: The Truth and the Spy

Hey! What'd you think of Make It Happen Monday? I think it was a good learning experience for m. I'm terrible at scheduling things and actually doing them when I'm the only one involved. Thanks, Chick Lit Goddesses for the ideas! Great Writers.

Now, Share Tuesday. I'm going to share the first chapter of my second book, Spy Sisters: The Truth and the Spy. I'm pretty optimistic about it. It's actually kind of crazy, but I was worried that it was bad, but it's really not what I remembered it to be.

Taking her place in the long aisles, she eyed her enemies with the ferocity of a tiger. They picked the wrong day to mess with Stella Gainsbourg. Glancing at her watch, she ran down the aisle grabbing the last supplies she needed for Thanksgiving dinner. Okay, Riley was right. Shopping the day before Thanksgiving was stupid! But how was Stella supposed to know? She’d eaten Thanksgiving dinner. She’d never cooked it! Since she’d been trained to be a spy, Stell…

Make it Happen Monday!

Okay. Trying something new this week. To focus more on writing-centric blog posts, today I will be taking a cue from the Closed Facebook Group, Chick Lit Goddesses, some of the most talented and informative ladies I've had the pleasure to befriend, and using their daily prompts as blog posts. As follows

Make It Happen Monday, where I will hopefully share how I will attempt to make my writing dreams come true.Share Tuesday, where I just might share what I'm working on, either snippets or just basic story outlines. Or, maybe I'll share what I'm reading, and what inspires me.Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday is where I've decided I'll share how the current WIP is going. I've got a doozy for this one, so I'm looking forward to this Wednesday.Thursday Tips is going to be a bit harder, because I'm still learning a lot about marketing, eBook formatting, and writing, in general, but we'll see where we go from there.Fun Facts Friday isn't from the God…