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My First Fun Facts Friday!

TGIF. I am so glad it's here. This has been a massively long week for me. Longer hours at work (Yay overtime?), on top of a couple other commitments including a baby shower tomorrow, for which I need to purchase a cake tomorrow morning. I'm actually pretty excited about the baby shower. It's at LaMesa, and there's a cocktail in my future.

So, to follow in the great footsteps of other bloggers before me, Here is my very First Fun Facts Friday. This will be facts about me, my opinions, the goings-on of my life, and maybe even the goings on with my animals.

1. First and foremost, my garden is Thriving in all the rain we've been getting in Iowa/Nebraska these last two weeks. I've harvested 6.3 ounces of kale (kale loves cold wet weather) and 2.7 ounces of butter lettuce (which love wet sunny weather). I'm going to post pictures of it really soon just to show how big the entire thing has gotten. I even think my strawberries have come back from the dead!

2. I keep looking for freelance work, but I'm having trouble with finding work I can do/understand. A technical writer I am not, but I think if I need to become one, I will. I keep reading all these books on working from home, and I know what to do, and I know I have the drive. Why can't I do it?

3. I'm reading this book, October Baby by Eric Wilson, because I saw it was a movie on Netflix. I'm still working on the book, but I had to watch the movie. The movie was sooooo good! It's about the teenage survivor of an abortion. Because her mother attempted to abort her at 24 weeks, she was born early, and has numerous health problems, but she never knew she was a survivor. It's a great story, and the movie is extremely touching. I'm so glad Christian movies are getting better. They used to be so lame! Another good one is Fireproof with Kirk Cameron.

4. I keep trying to convince my mom to let me adopt a dog. So far, she's not biting. She's not a dog person, which I respect, but we had a dog once, Rosie, who mom loved (she denies it, but Rosie was a sweetie pie). There is a German Shepherd from Bosnia who lost a foot and was brought to America to find a loving home. Her name is Isabella. She's a special needs dog, but I want her. Or I want her to have a loving dog. Look at this face and tell me she can't find a home.

For More information on adopting Isabella:

5. I might be getting a new computer this weekend. I got three paychecks in May (well, as of Midnight tonight, I get my third), and my dad is so sold on the Acer 17 inch laptop he got from a local Pawn Shop for $274.99 that I'm going to try my hand at finding one. Wish me luck!

6. We watched We Bought a Zoo last night. Cameron Crowe is hit or miss with me (I stll haven't seen Elizabethtown all the way through, but Say Anything is beautiful), and this one is definitely one of my favorites. So good! I love zoos. My sister and I are getting a pass to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo hopefully this weekend. Omaha has the best zoo in the world. I don't care what other people think. HD is Amazing!

That's all I've got for the first Fun Facts Friday (which is getting posted on Thursday, but humor me. I get up at 5:30 for work). Have an amazing Friday!


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