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How Much Jane Austen Means To Me

I had a crappy day. Of the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day persuasion. I was fine when I woke up, but when I was halfway to work, I got extremely tired. I knew that today was going to be bad.

Work was bad. Not gonna go into detail, but I honestly think my time there is coming to a close. I'm looking for something else, but I'm not going to hold out hope. It was just draining in so many miserable ways. I came home, crying, started crying again when I talked to my mom, and started crying again when I saw kind messages from my facebook friends on my status. I have some great friends and family. And you guys are right. This will pass. This isn't forever. I will take comfort in the friends I have at work (whom I love and adore), and remind myself that it's not the be-all end-all of my career.

When I got home and had time to myself, I watched a couple episodes of Rules of Engagement before switching gears to watch Emma. I am in love with this movie, despite it having Gwyneth Paltrow. It's just done so well. I also made lemon bars for work tomorrow (yes, I still like them well enough to give them sugar), and while it was baking, I wanted something sweet for me. I found a box of instant chocolate pudding in the cabinet for when I wanted to make my dad's birthday cake (I got instant when I should've gotten cooked), so I stirred that together. It was a chocolate and chick flicks kind of night.

Arizona Theatre Company

One reason I treasure this story so much (Though, I don't love it as much as Pride and Prejudice) is because when I decided to go to Stephens College, I figured, "It's a women's college. I'm bound to study Jane Austen sometime!"


I think my Literature teachers got sick of my begging to study Jane Austen, so for my Women Writers: Novels class, we got to study Emma. I learned so much about the story, and was so thankful she'd let me do the projects on it. She even liked my final paper on it more than any other. It stems from a passionate love of love stories. I've always been kind of romantic, even more so when I see characters who are really good for each other end up together. Everyone learns something (at least the redeemable characters) in Jane Austen stories. Lizzie and Darcy learned that they judged people too harshly, Emma and Knightley learned that she should control people's lives less, and Knightley learned that the little girl he'd grown up with was now a young lady, and despite trying to direct her life, he realized she could make her own decisions. Marianne learned to control herself and her emotions, Col. Brandon learned to be patient (though, he was 38. God knows he was patient!). You get the idea. People always learn in Jane Austen books.

I can quote this movie. I absolutely love it. Jane Austen always makes me feel a lot better, thankfully.

Original Film Poster


  1. Beks,

    First let me say that I had the college course you so craved. An entire class dedicated to ALL of Jane Austen's novels and even one Regency for fun. There were only 8 of us so our creative writing submissions were even more fun. We actually cross-stitched one day in class to get the idea of this talent. Needless-to-say, most of us did not finish!!!

    Emma was my favorite for a long time. It's so funny to call any one a favorite over another, though. I have deep love for P&P and S&S. I suppose Mansfield Park and Northanger Abby are my least... After a few years, though, Persuasion is my go to Jane Austen.

    Anyway, I mostly came to your blog today to tell you that I've nominated it you for the Liebster Award. Here's the link to my post:


    1. See, why wasn't that class available at MY school? And yet we had three devoted to Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and one devoted to the two of them together. Priorities, people! :-)

      Pride and Prejudice will always be first in my heart, but as I get older, I absolutely adore Persuasion. Anne Elliot is just so steadfast, which I relate to on so many levels. Same with Fanny Price. And Elinor Dashwood. Now I want to go do a comparison study on all the Austen characters. LOL

      And thank you for nominating me! That is so sweet! I will get right on it and post my blog as soon as I get home from my commitments tonight!


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