Friday, March 29, 2013

Dream Home

I spend a lot of time daydreaming. I've always been this way. When bullies picked on me in kindergarten, I imagined the Beast from Beauty and the Beast coming to rescue me from the metaphorical wolves. Even now, I imagine a life on an acreage in Colorado with five chickens in a Tardis-looking Hen House.

Fun, huh? I love the idea of raising chickens. I hear they make great pets. I'd name them Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy and Clara. If I ended up with boy chicks, until I got rid of them (no early morning wake up calls for me), their names would be Doctor and Jack. I'm a total geek.

I love this house. Two stories. Three bedrooms. Nice big kitchen, dining room and fire place. I'd put a theater in the basement. And probably a guest room. The upstairs bathroom is humongous. Big enough for the washer and dryer (No laundry shoot!) and a snazzy clawfoot tub.

I've always loved a clawfoot tub. Something old fashioned and romantic about them. My dad wanted to put one in the basement bathroom of our house, but there weren't funds. Pity. But this would be nice. Maybe have a nice view of the backyard garden and/or chickens. 

This bedroom is gorgeous. I would add more purple tones, but it's very serene. 

This list is basically a grouping of me spending WAY too much time on Pinterest. Found this when looking for home theaters (I'm such a movie nut, I HAVE to have a theater in my home.)

Stinking adorable. I would so do this! It looks like the Disney Cruise Line ships. Art Deco and Old Hollywood. 

I have dreams. Big ones. And Pinterest is a fun place to store those dreams until they become a reality. I've been seeing lots of things about never letting go of your dreams. This comes about a week after having a breakdown in my car that my life isn't going where I want it to, and crying out to God. I guess He knows I need a lot more reminding. I'll take it.

Follow your dreams! No matter what!


  1. Love it! I agree my dream home would be on a nice acreage. It would actually be more like a Dream Compound than a Dream Home.

    1. I'd like it to be close enough to a city to be convenient, but out in the country, where it's quiet. And where my chickens wouldn't be a bother to anyone.


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