Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amanda Knox: An Opinion Piece

I don't like to write controversial things in this blog because it's just not who I am. It's not what I enjoy talking about, or writing about. But I have to say this to the ten people that follow me regularly. I honestly stand behind Amanda Knox.

Knox, the day she was acquitted (Source)
If you don't know the story, Amanda was a student in Italy, living with another student from England, and along with her boyfriend, was accused to murdering said roommate, Meredith Kercher back in 2007. When Amanda and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito were acquitted last year, I was glad for them. Amanda, specifically. If you watch her on the stand, in the courtroom, she looks scared and devastated. She looks like she wants to wake up from a terrible nightmare, but this is somehow her life.

Let's compare that to another murder scandal that rocked America: Casey Anthony. Casey was accused, and also acquitted of murdering her only daughter. The case went on for weeks with so much media coverage, and all signs pointed to Casey as the true killer. She didn't seem as scared. She didn't seem as devastated. She looked relieved, obviously, when she was acquitted, but she hasn't done anything to change her life or her ways. Amanda returned home and tried to move on with her life. Amanda was beloved among Americans, who continue to believe in her, whereas Casey Anthony is practically in hiding, because there are so many outraged for her daughter.
There's also the Jodi Arias case right now, accused of killing her boyfriend, and all signs point to guilty as sin for her, as well. Some cases are just more obvious than others. Amanda's case is a lot more gray. And Italian Courts aren't known for being thorough, and that was a big issue when her lawyers were fighting for her.

Now that Amanda's case is returning to an Italian court, she's thrust back into the spotlight. I do find it interesting that it happened right around the time that her memoirs were to be released. I still believe she was innocent, but timing really is everything, right?


I hope this is solved issue, and I do hope and wish Meredith Kercher's family could have closure, but I, personally don't believe that Amanda Knox killed her.

There's my controversial post for the year. Happy 100th Post.

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