Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013

Things I don't enjoy:

  1. Driving on Snowy Roads
  2. Turning Cookies on an Interstate with trucks behind me
  3. Driving up hills on snow roads

This is what a pretty winter wonderland looks like.
This is what it feels like:

Welcome to Snowmageddon 2013, Omaha/Council Bluffs edition.

Okay, it wasn't that bad, but the roads were HORRIBLE!

Work was super quiet yesterday. Most of my coworkers rescheduled to work today instead of yesterday. Snow didn't start until around noon, or so, but when I got off at 3:30, it was bad. I was praying and listening to K-LOVE and KGBI all the way home (Christian stations). While driving down Interstate 680, the car in front of me (still a good several feet away) stopped suddenly, causing me to stop suddenly, and turn around to face the cars that were driving TOWARD me. Thankfully God was protecting me and the trucks (yes, TRUCKS) were able to stop and waited for me, blocking traffic until I turned around. 

I hate snow. 

I managed to switch a bunch of my sessions to tomorrow to make up for leaving early yesterday and not going in today. I also had a sick day this week. What a day for THAT to happen. 

Since I can't leave my driveway, I've decided to do what I normally do on Snow Days, which is clean. We're supposed to have family coming in this weekend (really depends on if Kansas City gets their own roads cleared), so it'd be nice if the house didn't look like a total disaster area. Also, since I was sick, be good if we got rid of Becky germs. I also hate being sick. But it didn't go with the theme of the aforementioned list. 

I finished another portion of my new story on Wattpad last night. Hope to get more done this weekend. I've got plans and dreams and I need to get my butt in gear.

Happy Snow Day, and be safe and sound!

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