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Gaining Fans and Getting Poor Reviews...

Most people who know me know that I have a specific way of talking. I speak in movie quotes, song lyrics, refer to actors when describing an affliction (for example, when I had a bad sore throat last week, I didn't have a sore throat, I had a "Lauren Bacall Thing" going on). I grew up with Muppets and Gilmore Girls. Goes with the territory.

I write how I speak. It might date my books a bit, but I do write with a lot of pop culture references. Some people don't understand the way I speak and just give me deer-in-headlights. When you add two or more to the mix, people stop, stare and watch like a TV show (am I right, Lauren?).

I got the first bad review this week. I glossed over it, because I didn't want it to make me mad, sad, or otherwise emotional. Yes, this book is my child. I've been writing since I was nine, and only seldom have I ever shown my work to anyone. When I got to college and it was mandatory, I poured my heart and soul into my work only to be stomped on. I remember two instances where my teachers actually liked my work. My screenwriting teacher loved my dialogue. My English Lit teacher liked my paper on Salome, and it's literary jokes ("Most little girls want to grow up to be princesses or president. Salome wanted to be the first woman to ask her husband for a divorce!"). The only classmates that really liked my work (it was a bit of a hoity-toity school) were the theater students and my closest friends who understood me.

The poor review (even if it wasn't specifically poor. The reader just didn't like it) had been annoying me for the last few days, when I got an email from a gentlemen who I'd agreed to do a review swap with. He really liked it. And said we have similar tastes. He even gave me some ideas for a few key scenes for book two. He also offered to edit it. When the story edits are done, I just might take him up on the offer. I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, when you get bad reviews. You can't please anyone. The number one thing to remember (that I picked up from my lovely "Chick Lit Goddesses" on Facebook!) is that if you put out good work that you like, that's the important thing. And honestly, Lauren, my best friend, short twin, other half (we're THAT close) likes it and understands it, and that's the most important thing.

The faces of girls who speak in movie quotes. Of COURSE we have tiaras!
Don't let poor reviews get you down. Not everyone likes everything. That's something I knew going into this crazy new world of indie publishing. But frankly, the positive feedback is outweighing the negative. Even from my classmates from high school! That's pretty great, I must say.


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