Saturday, February 16, 2013

And the trouble becomes a saga

Remember last week when my car went nuts? Got a flat last night. I tell you, when it rains, it pours.

I was out to dinner with mom last night. She took me to Panda Express, where we ate our weight in shrimp and chicken (maybe that was just me), and then took a trip to Target, where we didn't spend ANYTHING (shocking, I know. Target knows just where to get you). I did notice that highlighter colors are really in for Spring, though. People will be able to go outside in the dark and glow.

This dress is Yellow Highlighter Color in the Store
When we got into the car, however, it was riding rough. Like flat tire rough. Pulled into the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings, which is right across the street from Target, and sure enough, the front passenger tire was flat as a pancake.

Now, call me silly, but I get excited to change tires because it's the one car repair I know how to do. There was a problem, though, aside from the wet snow that was falling. When mechanics change tires, they use a machine that screws the nuts on the tire, and I'm a weakling. Couldn't get them off.

I'm fortunate that I have an uncle who works on cars. He came to the rescue and enlightened me on the art of removing lug nuts. He has a pipe from a motorcycle about an inch wide and a foot long that he uses for extra leverage. Who knew?

After we were rescued, mom and I took my uncle and aunt (who tagged along) to Perkins for pie, where we met up with my dad, who was returning from a work trip to Waukee. We were all wet and freezing, and dad and I got brownie sundaes that were bigger than my head.

Hard to believe this all happened in one night. Now I need to go to the tire shop on Monday to get my tire repaired/replaced. I only hope it's not expensive.

As a final announcement, my book is available for free for about six more hours. It will be available until Midnight PST.
For Kindle Only
That is all. Happy Weekend, folks!

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