Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Decorations Around Town

Smoothies have made a comeback! It's been awhile since I made a smoothie. Not sure why, but I haven't been in the mood. This morning, it was back with a vengeance. Soooo tasty!

This morning's smoothie consisted of the following:

1 Green Apple (Or apple of choice. Granny Smith Apples have the least amount of sugar)
1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (Or any kind of milk)
1/2 Cup Frozen Spinach
1 Frozen Banana (I totally forgot I had these!)
1 Scoop MRM 100% Whey Rich Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Kelp Capsule
2 Spirulina Tablets
Cinnamon to Taste

I blended the apple and almond milk first, because I find it's the only way to get the apple nice and smooth. Blend the rest of the ingredients for around 2-5 minutes, until desired consistency.

So, Christmas is just a little less than a week away. Did you know that? I only know that because I work at Bath & Body Works, and I've been raking in the hours lately. And they insist on playing Justin Bieber Christmas songs. Lots and Lots of Justin Bieber songs. Heaven Help me.

Luckily, they also play This, which makes all of us start to dance when it comes on. Give it a listen. You won't regret it!

Other than that, and the very few houses with Christmas lights around town, you wouldn't know it was Christmas. We didn't even get snow until today.

For whatever reason, this year, my town has opted not to decorate the main roads like they always do. They always put poinsetta/bell/snowflake lights on the light poles, which always made the town seem festive. This year, absolutely nothing! Makes me so sad!

We've had the house decorated for a few weeks now, and at least it's festive inside, but this year it doesn't seem like it outside. At least inside, with Christmas trees, garlands and candles, it feels like Christmas.

Anyone else's town not decorating for Christmas? Think it's a political thing?

Watching A Christmas Story with my daddy now. Doesn't get more Christmas-y than watching "A Christmas Story!"

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