Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Literary Surprise

Today...was a dull day. A boring day. A day I worked quickly so I could get home early (paycheck be damned this week). Sometimes, you just want to be at home.

Something was waiting for me. Something...wonderful.

Care to take a guess?

Well, a little background, with my giveaway on Goodreads this month, I've been working to get the paperback copy finished. It's been a bit annoying with the cover, but I heard from my cover artist today, who offered to fix it for the paperback tomorrow (Thank you, Lindsay!). Color me relieved. I wasn't a huge fan of what I did for attempting to get the cover to work, so actually knowing someone who knows what they're doing is a big help.

That said, I'd heard some scary things about shipping with Createspace in regards to proofs. Since I needed to get everything done, I ordered it as soon as I possibly could. I had a feeling I really needed to see it before I purchased the final product. So glad I did! There was one faux pas that would've made a big impact if I hadn't removed it. Also, there are a few technical things that need fixing (Headers on all the pages, blank pages at the start and end of the book, a few areas where I needed to fix some spacing issues). Probably more than a few, but definitely fixable. I've fixed most of them, anyway.

Without further ado, from the land of Instagram!

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I've decided that the original size I picked, 6" x 9", is too tall, almost like a textbook, so that was another fix. Now it's going to be 5x8, which adds, roughly, 100 pages, and it'll be more like a fiction book (I compared the size to a copy of The Bell Jar By Plath, Sylvia (Google Affiliate Ad) I got when I was in college).

This has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me, and I'm excited to continue. I talked with Lindsay a bit tonight about doing the artwork for book two as, despite my being nowhere near done, I have ideas for the cover, and it would be nice to get it out of the way.

Things are coming together, and I'm cautiously optimistic. So thankful for my supportive friends (Lu and Christina) and artistic partners (Lindsay). You guys are awesome and keep me sane. :-)

Peace Out!

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