Monday, September 3, 2012

LiveFit Program: Day One

Happy Labor Day. It was so nice to do nothing today except veg out, watch Cheers and catch up on True Blood and nothing else. So nice. So very, very nice.

I did accidentally keep my alarm on, so at 6 AM, Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me, Maybe started blaring. I think Jane was less thrilled than I was, but I shut off all my alarms (four of them. Yes, I have a hard time getting up) and went back to bed for about two and a half more hours. So nice.

Since today was the day I planned to start Jamie Eason's LiveFit program on, I started my morning off with a couple of strawberry protein pancakes and peanut butter. Really good. I am absolutely enamored of protein pancakes. I got the recipe from, and it's so easy that I can make it every morning.

I'd planned to go to the gym shortly after breakfast, but my dad convinced me to hold off so he and mom could come with. We waited until about three to go, but the parking lot was packed. We went to Christy Creme for ice cream cones instead.

I made a plan, though, and I knew I had to stick with it. I put it in my planner, and I have decided to put my health first. It's what needs to be done. I went after dinner, and the gym was dead. There was only one other person there, and we didn't use any of the same machines. THAT was a happy! :-)

My first circuit was pretty easy, except push ups are awful. I hate them and they hate me, and there were two sets of them, wide and narrow. My reps went down significantly as the circuits went on. I knew this was going to be hard since my fitness level is kind of low. I will power through though. I will keep going and succeed. And when I succeed, I will buy myself new shoes. I'm thinking these.

Or, at the very least, something I can design myself. I love the idea of designing one-of-a-kind shoes. But, I also look at motivational pictures via, Pinterest, and my usual blogroll. My favorite, though, from Pinterest is this shirt, which I want to purchase:
Love it.

I get a reprieve from working out tomorrow, but it looks like I have a reset at BBW tomorrow night. That's a workout in itself.

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