Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer

So, this isn't a healthy living blog, per se. It's just a my life blog. And a bit of a dull one at that, but call it a record for posterity. I' going to try to keep myself accountable to my workouts because of this blog. I'm going to start something and since I know I have a few readers (at least one in my house. Thank you, daddy!), I will record my workouts and meal planning attempts here.

A few months back, Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers started Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer. It's a 12-week program on that has a meal plan and workout plan emphasizing lean muscle mass. I've been clamoring to get some kind of endurance back to my body because I feel nothing but winded with a pounding heart with a lot of what I try to do. I'm tall, but I can't only let my frame support so much weight before it kills me (hopefully only metaphorically).

Julie, a seasoned athlete who works out with her husband most days, found it to be too boring for her to continue, but after looking through the program, it looks to be something that I could do. I find I do best with working out when I have a plan. A few years back, I was following the Buff Bride challenge, despite not being in a wedding or being a bride. I lost several inches and pounds in only a few weeks, also while following the WW plan (and annoying my shallow roommate in the process), so I know that organized workouts work for me.

I've already put the first two weeks of workouts in my Google Calendar, planning my workouts around my two work schedules, and so far, the first two weeks should be no problem. I can get to the gym for my workouts easy. I won't post Before/After pics until after the 12 weeks is over (around the end of November), and even then, I might not post them. It all depends on how brave I feel.

I do enjoy weight training, but feel lost if I don't have a plan, so this excites me that I can get this program which has high praise for free. I'm debating buying the supplement pack she recommends, though it'd come to only about $13/month for four months. That's NOTHING, practically! I'm thinking I'll get it on pay day this week, but if I do, I'll let you know.

I am proud of myself. I went to the gym today, but my legs felt like led when I attempted C210K, and I stopped running after the second set. I continued walking for another ten minutes before hopping on a couple weight machines and doing them, half-heartedly. At least I went.

I do have my reasons for doing this.

  1. I'm tired of being unhealthy.
  2. I want to be stronger.
  3. I want to be athletic.
  4. I want to look as hot as I feel sometimes.
  5. I want to learn healthy habits to take with me forever.
Simple enough, right? 
  • Are there any readers who have done the trainer? If so, what'd you think?

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