Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Intimidation is All Mental

Last night was rough. Had a rough night at work after a rough day at work, and it carried over into my morning. I spilled a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte all over the HyVee bathroom. Planning to buy a new one, I stood in line again, but they made me a new one free of charge. That was awesome. I need to write HyVee a letter.

I'd been praying for my work day to be over so I could work out. I wanted it so badly that I was getting antsy. I was actually excited to go to the gym. Call it motivation, call it wanting to be out of a gray cubicle and doing something for myself.

I didn't go to the gym immediately after work. There's an elementary school just down the road, and said elementary school has enough parking for about five cars, so all the parents tend to park there to get their kids, making it hard for gym patrons to find a place to park. Ah well. Whatevs.

When I got to the gym this evening, after having polenta and shrimp with my mom, I went to the gym to start day two of the LiveFit Program: Back and Biceps. I'd studied the moves and I was pretty psyched to start. One thing I didn't think about, though, was that just because the other night was dead didn't mean today would be.

Tonight there were lots of buff guys at the gym. Not particularly attractive, but buff, nonetheless.

Sure, I could've gone home, but I have something to prove. Not to anyone except myself.

Anyone ever notice that gyms tend to be split in terms of the sexes? Men tend to hang out on the weight room side and women do cardio. It's the way of the world, for whatever reason. Luckily, I didn't use the machines that the guys were doing (except one, but he was wandering aimlessly, whereas I was on a mission), so it wasn't as awkward as my mind tends to make things.

When I got done with my workout (5 minutes on the treadmill for a warm up and then 25 minutes of weights), I went to the store for a couple things, and I realized something. Intimidation is all mental. One thing that Jamie Eason keeps saying on her program is that if you focus on you and your workout, the gym will become your best friend.

This is a change of life for me. That's what I'm aiming for. And now, time for my first picture with PicMonkey, a photo editing tool. I chose to make a pithy saying on a New Mexico background. My friend, Lauren, took the pic when we were driving to Santa Fe for vacation. It was awesome.

Trite? Absolutely. *shrugs*

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