Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy crazy Cuh-RAZY week ahead!

I was seriously hoping that my weekend would be low-key. I did have to work at the store yesterday, which wasn't a huge deal, since I wasn't closing, even though I worked the event, and we were pretty steady through the whole four hours I was there.

Today, I was up early (as per usual on Sundays) to have breakfast at McD's with dad, and tried their Apple/Cinnamon/Walnut oatmeal. Perfect for a chilly, damp morning.

Everything that could go wrong during Worship at church this morning went wrong. Our usual drummer was having plumbing issues at his house, so he couldn't make it (yeah, indoor plumbing trumps drumming, I think), and we had our usual sub, who wasn't familiar with the songs. No big.

Secondly, our bass player slept in. Whoops! It happens. He'll be married in less than three months, and his fiancee is usually pretty on top of things.

Thirdly, the sound was acting all jenky. All staticky and the guitar kept cutting in and out. John, our leader, had to keep telling us to lead ourselves while he attempted to fix whatever happened with his guitar cords.

Same thing and THEN some happened during second service. Like really REALLY bad, and we were either singing/playing too quickly or slowly. It was hard for us to stay on beat at the right tempos. We didn't rehearse on our usual Thursday, so we could have our annual meeting, which might have attributed to the issues, but I doubt it. Satan was against us, but it didn't matter. Still praised the Lord and had a great message from our pastor.

Today at BBW, they put me to work readjusting half the shelves so that product could properly fit. Looks a lot nicer now, but I kept banging my hands on the brackets and I even broke my thumb nail! Glad it's over now.

Starting tomorrow, I up my daily sessions for a week so that I can have Friday off. Tomorrow, I work 12 instead of 9. Holy Yikes! I am NOT looking forward to it. I need to prepack everything I'm going to need tomorrow, including preset the coffee maker.

It'll be all worth it this weekend, though when I get to see these lovely ladies!

Lauren, Alicia, Kaity (with Zoey) and Moi
Jess and Lauren (seen above)
Among others. I'm ashamed to say that I don't have nearly enough pics from college. That is a serious TRAGEDY!

Regardless, I will soon be back in my college town, Columbia, MO, walking the streets and paths of Stephens, and reminiscing with my girls. It'll be a wonderful birthday treat.

Senior Hall, where all the music was made.
Yes, Birthday. I will be 27 on Friday. The same day as my friend, Amanda's wedding, so we're celebrating and hanging on Saturday. It'll still  be awesome a day later.

I can't wait! You better believe that I will be taking a TON of pics this time around.

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