Sunday, September 30, 2012

Amazing weekend!

So, sadly, it's been an entire week since I got to see several of my girlfriends from college at our friend, Amanda's wedding. It was also my birthday weekend, so it was fun spending it with people I love and adore, but don't get to see nearly enough.

On Thursday night (9/20), I picked up my best friend, Lauren, from Eppley, carrying a sign that said "Short Twin Sweany" so she'd be sure to recognize me (It had been ten months since our last visit. How else were we supposed to recognize each other?), and then we met my parents at Runza for dinner.

Now, Lauren chose Runza as they don't have them in Denver. Last time she had a Runza, she ordered the kid's meal, which only had half a Runza. Thinking it was the size she would get, she ordered two of them. She said it was okay, though, since she hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours. Two should hold her until her next visit.

Afterward, we drove to Grandview, Mo, where we stayed with my aunt, uncle, cousins and sister for the night. We promptly got lost once we got into Grandview. Insane, considering I've driven there so many times. Granted, they moved, but I've driven there a couple times. I know the exit. I just didn't find it. Thank God for smartphones.

The next morning, after breakfast with my sister at Panera (with a birthday gift card from mommy and daddy), where I got the pecan braid. Sooooo amazing! Love them!

We would be driving through the town where Lauren and I went to college. I hadn't been back since I'd moved away after a terrible experience, so I was really worried about having a panic attack. Thankfully, Lauren was with me, and she's part of the reason that college was so great. I love my friends.

Funny thing while we were driving, we realized that the wedding wasn't at 6, like I'd originally thought. It was at 4:30. We were so convinced we were going to be late. We stopped in Mexico, Missouri, to pick up our friend, Jessica, and hurried to Wentzville, where the wedding was held. We got there at 4 and it didn't actually start until around 5.

Kaity, Lauren, Alicia, Jessica, Me
It was a fun night, and great to see Amanda so happy.

More to come later. It was a busy weekend!

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