Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Diary of Darcy J. RhoneThe Diary of Darcy J. Rhone by Emily Giffin
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Darcy is just the kind of girl I would've been (and WAS!) friends with in high school. At that age, there are the people you're friends with because you've known each other for so long that if you stopped and actually looked at who they were and what they did, you would be appalled, which is why so many friendships don't last past high school.

Knowing the type of girl she is (though, I admit I only knew because of the movie version of "Something Borrowed"), I was pretty sure I wouldn't like Darcy. Not on the page, not in the real world. I've known too many Darcys in my life, and their drama is best kept on the page, bothering fictional characters. She's the stereotypical cheerleader: beautiful, popular, overly dramatic, wonders why everyone doesn't worship the ground she walks on. I honestly don't think you're supposed to like Darcy. It was HARD to like her. I didn't even try.

That said, I think Emily Giffen has Teenage Darcy's Journalistic voice DOWN. It's probably not hard to write the journal of a teenager (hell, I did it when I WAS a teenager!), so channeling that angsty time could be as simple as going back to your own journals (I blush when I think of the stupid things that made me mad back then).

This book took me back to when I was that age, but having read it and having seen the movie "Something Borrowed," why does ANYONE put up with her? Probably leads me back to my original thought of people are too scared to let go, even with Frenemies like Darcy J. Rhone.

Written by Rebekah Martin, author of Sugar and Spies

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