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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

As a huge baseball fan, if someone asks me if I want to go to a game, I almost always say yes (there has to be serious illness involved for me to say no). Last night at Werner Park, located in Papillion, Ne, my parents, aunt, uncle and I met for a game, our Omaha StormChasers against the New Orleans Zephyrs.

From inside the gate, looking at the ONE bit of Sunshine we had all evening.
Well, it had been rainy and drizzly all day. I spent most of the day with my friend, Sam, hanging out, learning to play SongPop on my phone, and we went to go see The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Review to come in a later post). Good movie. Not as sad as some led me to believe (My Girl (1992) is sadder!), but still heart-wrenching.

Sam's boys, Kevin and Snoopy. So cute!

I made it home at about 5:15, and my dad wanted to leave at 5:20. Just made it. It was still pretty drizzly, but we hadn't heard anything about the game having been cancelled, so off we went.

They were working on protecting the field from rain when we got there.
There were lots of people in plastic ponchos and carrying umbrellas. I wasn't aware we could have umbrellas in the park (At Rosenblatt, our now demolished former baseball stadium, they made us take an umbrella back to the car). I guess they make an exception when it's actually raining and not many people are there? We got our food (I was starving. I hadn't eaten since the movie, several hours earlier), and I got a chicken burrito from the La Mesa kiosk, and later some sweet potato fries. I thought about getting a margarita, and really regretted it after trying my mom's. So good!

The game still hadn't started by the time we were done eating, so my mom, Aunt Pat and I decided to walk around a bit.

Werner park is almost completely open, whereas Rosenblatt's eateries/restorooms were all under a  large tin roof
So, I'm not proud of this (okay, I kind of am), but the park encourages fans to tweet and check in and everything, so having gotten pretty impatient, I tweeted them.

, what's with the delay? You're called "STORMChasers!" Please start soon!

Not two minutes later, we got an announcement over the loud speakers saying they were still waiting for the weather to make a decision and to please be patient. Did I hit a nerve? I like to think so. *snickers*

But, before the game started, we did get this lovely image.

Love Rainbows. Reminiscent of God's promise to Noah.
I'm so glad I brought my Kindle. I was getting seriously bored. And Cold. I really wish there was a Starbucks or Scooters Kiosk in the park (There wasn't one at Rosenblatt, either). I finished reading Our Husband by Stephanie Bond, and kept checking out Facebook. For two hours.

Dad had the same idea.
When the game finally started, I was getting tired. The Stormchasers actually did pretty well, but I wanted a Grand Slam. I feel the wait would have been justified if I'd gotten my Grand Slam. Early on, they kept setting it up, but not following through. It was heartbreaking. I know that you can't plan these things, but it will would've been nice if it had bappened.

When we left, the StormChasers were ahead of the Zephyrs, 3-0. We left at the fifth inning, as it was almost 10 and dad and I needed to get up for Worship Team this morning (incidentally, the Team did a Baseball song for the offering music, and it was "Center Field" by John Fogerty, with a Christian Twist).

I love how great our seats were. Absolutely fantastic.
Probably my last game for the season. Wish it had been a better experience, but it hasn't marred my love of the game.

  • What sports do you absolutely love?
  • Got a favorite team? I love the St. Louis Cardinals. I blame college.


  1. You can blame me for them too! I still follow them now.


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