Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to recover from what you hate most.

I don't like people. As I get older, I realize that while there is a lot of good in most people, there are those select few that seem to spend their time terrorizing those that simply want to do their jobs, make their money and go home.

Or is that just me?

I used to have a great deal of faith in people. I thought people were ultimately good, and I still do. But put them in contact with those working in customer service, and it's like a caste system. People are horrible to those in customer service positions. I've been working in the industry since I was fourteen, and I've been on the horrid end of some entitled shopper insisting they know my systems and sales better than I do.

Having heard for the millionth time this summer that my agents are idiots, the company I listen to knows nothing and doesn't care for their customers, I'm about ready to rip my hair out. Now, my agents might not be of this country, but the fact that they can speak a language other than their native should (it doesn't, but it should) speak volumes about their intelligence.

Anyway, coming home to write is my reward for making it through the day. Things I also enjoy when I come home are cuddling with my animals (Frisket's been decidedly clingy lately), writing and watching movies. Right now, dad and I are revisiting something from my childhood, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I used to sing all the songs, pretend I was Sally Ann Howes, running around in her humongous back yard (She was a candy heiress named "Truly Scrumptious." No, she wasn't a stripper), dreaming about Dick Van Dyke. Taking trips in a magical car with Dick and his two tow-headed kids. They travel to the land of Vulgaria when his father is kidnapped by a Baron who mistakes him for his son, who is an inventor.

What I didn't realize was that this is actually one of my first Spy stories. It was written by Ian Fleming, author of James Bond. The Vulgarian Baron sends two inept spies wearing Hitler makeup with lots of funny-looking inventions to bring the inventor in. There are two aspects of this movie which aren't necessarily family friendly. One is the Child Catcher. I believe his picture explains everything.
With the nose of Cyrano De Bergerac to sniff children out.
The other is the Baron and his Wife of over 20 years. She's bananas about him, while he spends his time thinking up ways to kill her. Like this video:

Dancing around in her underwear while he tries different methods of offing her. Nothing says "Family Friendly" like sex and attempted murder.

I don't usually spend my evenings like this. But this was something I was looking forward to all day. Musicals are a passion of mine, and I love spending time watching them with my daddy.

Speaking of, we went to a Theatre Organ Concert on Sunday, called "Hooray For Hollywood II," and have been going to this concert for the last three years. It was a fun time, and there was a large choir of Barbershop Singers called the Pathfinder Chorus, who were fantastic, along with the organist and pianist, whose names escape me, but they both were amazing. I've seen the organist before. He works at Disney, so he did quite a few Disney songs. 

I totally sang along.

Now, I go back to writing. For those that have read the first book, Riley asked Stan out. Or Stan asked Riley. Neither is really sure what happened. 

Ciao, My friends!

  • What are you favorite movies from childhood that you watch now and it horrifies you how wrong they are? 
  • Do you still love that movie or are you scarred for life?

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