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Here, Have a HusbandHere, Have a Husband by Heather Gean
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I'm a person who is afraid of government power. I believe they take their power to the extremes and it can only be the end for our country, so long as the people allow it.

I appreciated the message of this novel. I love that a woman went with the flow until she got into it and suddenly realized what a crock the DML (Department of Marriage Licenses) was. She didn't have a lot of help from anyone. Her parents, politicians, told her that she needed to be a grown up and do things she wanted to do, her friends said the same thing, but at the same time, wouldn't apply for a marriage license themselves, so they really had no idea what she was going through, and then her future in-laws were more worried about appearances than actual happiness.

The Schroeders were exactly what you've always seen rich people to be: concerned with appearances, dysfunctional, out of control children, pissy first wife, absent patriarch, responsible playboy older son and black sheep.

I think most post-college young adults could relate to Rainy. Fresh out of college, looking for direction, relying more on friends and pets than anyone else, and trying to find a place where they belong. Rainy knew herself well enough to know that she would have suffocated in the Schroeder's priveleged world. She avoided going to New York as much as she could in order to keep her sanity. Been there.

I really enjoyed this book, and loved the romance between Rainy and Schroeder Black Sheep, Van. An artist and a museum worker is a match made in heaven, and it was obvious from the start that there was something between them.

What I didn't like was how much author Heather Gean told rather than showed. There were several instances where instead of building up this world she created, and allowing the reader to experience it, she told it how it was, like we were looking at the action through a window.

I think it's a fine first novel. I enjoyed reading it and am interested in any other books the author has coming out. I think she has a bright future ahead of her, if she wants it.

by Rebekah Martin, author of Sugar and Spies

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