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Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

The cousin whom I considered to be a younger brother turns eighteen tomorrow. It makes me feel so old. I still remember when he would cuddle up to me to watch George of the Jungle and I would teach him Looney Toons impressions.

Two years ago at a wedding, Ages 15 and 24
I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about it, but I realize that he needs to grow up. *sigh* Love that kid a lot.

It did get me thinking about my own age. When I was 21, I NEVER got carded. It actually kind of pissed me off. Did I look old? Before my time? It was actually pretty discouraging at the time. I was a sophomore in college, I was doing what all college kids did, but I didn't get carded? What was THAT about?

Here, six(ish) years later, I'm almost 27, and people confuse me for someone much younger, like...21. Let's compare, shall we?
Age 21, at my friend, Jess's rehearsal dinner, with my friend, Kristen
Age 26, heading to a film premier with my bestie.
Now, tell me. Do I look 26 here? Or do I look the 21/22 that the people I work with seem to think I look? It's got to be a combination of lots of water and being a nonsmoker, because my eating and exercising habits, though they are getting better, aren't that great.

About a week after my darling Jake turned eighteen, his younger sister, my Mini-Me, Laura, will turn fourteen. I think I'm less ready for her and Jake to get older than for me to get older. They were just so darn cute as kids!

Sweetest kid in the world, with the biggest heart (Ages 10 and 23)
I hope, mentally, I stay young. Getting older doesn't scare me so much as getting sick and getting old. I don't want to be a bedridden old cripple. I want to live healthy and have tons of energy and keep up with kids half my age, like Laura (Jake, I'm convinced, has been turned into a vampire, as last time I went to visit, he only came out at night and stayed up until sunrise every night).

So, I've more or less finished week one of C210K, but I think I'm going to repeat it. I spent a lot of my time walking today. I was trying to run faster, and I think I got a bit burned out, and my hamstrings tightened up. I should keep a steady pace of walking 3.0 mph and running 5.0 mph. Speed will come later. Right now, I need to focus on endurance.

As for eating healthier, I honestly tried this week. I was snacking on a bag of clementine oranges (they are so fab, I must say), but after I peeled one, I found black stuff inside. After doing a bit of googling, I found out that a fly had gotten in there and done...something. *shudders* No, I didn't eat it. I was too grossed out to even think about food until I got home from work. I tell ya, ya try to eat healthy and THAT happens.

I think it's funny what people go through to look younger. I don't watch non-competition reality TV because, frankly, it's not as unscripted as they'd like you to believe. I've seen commercials for the Real Housewives, and I don't want to look young like they try to. If that's forty? I'll try to do it naturally. Keeping in good health and taking care of the body God has created for me to further His kingdom (she says after eating pizza and pie, but to be fair, I didn't eat dinner before work today).

I believe in taking care of yourself, acting your age, but having fun at least once a day, be it a joke or doing something you enjoy. Take your life into your own hands to make every day a better day. Be a positive influence to yourself and those around you. Don't dwell on the negative, but rejoice in the positive. I think that's what I want to focus on. I see too much negativity in my attitude in my day to day life. What can I do to make today great?

Considering it's almost Midnight now, I think I'll get a head start on tomorrow by getting some rest.

Peace out!

I seriously adore these two, and they make me proud to be their "Big Sister." (Ages 14, 23 and 10)

  • What do you do to stay young?
  • Any health tips to share with the class?
  • How old do people think you look? (Proud to look 23!)


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