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Time to Market My Face Off.

So, after looking at dismal sales since Saturday (aka NOTHING. Sad panda!), I've been researching the best ways to market myself and my work. If I want to make this work, I have to actually work and get my name out there for people to see. Time to border on the obnoxious.

Daleks are obnoxious. Sure, they're lethal. Lethally obnoxious.

I've already sent a note to the alumnae association of my college, so hopefully it'll be in our Fall/Winter publication, and I included my blog, so I might even get a touch more traffic on the blog. Today I joined a few writers groups on Goodreads, and I hope I can make some friends and fans that way. I also found a book review blogroll that I hope to make use of, even if I have to send off a couple free copies.

Thankfully, my friends have been wonderful about sharing links to their own Facebook pages, and my aunt shared it today, too. The next issue on my agenda is to rework my entire Twitter account. I'm actually going to have to make conversation with people other than my friends on Twitter, which will be interesting.

Anyway, after all that, I'll be continuing work on my dear friend, Lauren's book. Glad to be home, and I can't wait until the day I can do this all full time. Hopefully REALLY soon. :-)


  1. You will be able to do this real soon my dear! I am going to begin reading your book tonight!!! Pay day I plan to buy several copies to give to people...

    1. Thanks, love! I appreciate that. Would you be comfortable reviewing it on amazon, goodreads and possibly your own blog? *bats eyes and gives wide smile* Pretty please?

      Seriously, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :-)

  2. Hi! First, let me introduce myself. :-) My name is Andrea Pearson, and I'm an indie author too. Yay! It's a lot of fun. I've been at this for a little over a year and have five books published, soon to be seven (two are with my editor right now). I know, not many. :-) I found your blog through a Google alerts thing I've set up - it tells me whenever anyone posts about indie or self publishing. It's good to keep up on stuff on the internet!

    I know this might be a little too late, and perhaps you've already put the work into your marketing plans, and you might not like to hear this... but I really wanted to talk to you about NOT doing any marketing until you have at least four or five eBooks up.

    I'll tell you my experience (which is what a lot of authors have experienced) so you know why. My first book came out in June of last year. I had a lot of initial success on it (after I worked my butt off to tell people about it), but then everything flat-lined for several months. I lost all of those early readers, except maybe a handful, because there was nothing more for them to read. Most people didn't take me seriously - including readers - because I only had one book out. I released two more books and then again, made the mistake of putting in a ton of work on marketing. I basically did what you mentioned you're going to do above (contacting my university, family, friends, and going through Twitter). And again, I had a little initial success, but then lost a ton of readers (lost, as in, they haven't moved on to my next books). Now I've got five books out with two more coming soon, and I'm doing a TON better. I haven't done any marketing since February, and I'm making actual money doing this. Incidentally, all of those hours of marketing in February were a waste - February, March, and April were my worst months ever.

    My success didn't start until:
    First, I had four quality (edited, good covers, etc.,) books available.
    Second, I put up the first book in my series for free on Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords. This way, people download the book, then decide if they like it. If they do, they then purchase the second book in my series. And so on and so forth.

    In a digital world, readers forget authors really fast. And most people won't care about the series anymore when the next book comes out - even if they do remember enjoying the first.

    Please email me if you have questions (apATandreapearsonbooksDOTcom). I'd love to give you some blogs to check out, or even a copy of my presentation I give on successful publishing at writer's conferences.

    Let me know if I'm totally off the mark and you've already discovered this for yourself. :-) And sorry for randomly commenting on your blog. I hope you don't mind!

    Here's my blog, so you can check me out:

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you!

      Actually, You're not off the mark. I was slowly starting to realize a lot of what you're saying. It all makes perfect sense. I do have at least five books planned (and outlined!), with the second coming out around September (I Hope!), and the third around Christmas (Again, I hope!). I figured that once I had more than one book out, people would be more apt to buy and keep buying.

      I've been getting the condescending looks when people realize that it's indie publishing, but I still have people who are supportive. Thanks for your input, and I'll start following your blog. I'm interested in any insights I can get on the Indie Publishing world!


    2. Yeah, it's really frustrating during the first year or so - waiting for the sales to pick up, wondering if there's something more you should be doing to market. It was really hard for me! But then, as more books get added, things start to take off. Like I said, my first book being free along with several books available has really, really helped sales. It's pretty exciting. :-)

      And people can be soooo very close minded about being an indie author! Originally, I was with a publisher. Decided to leave after a year when I realized I could do things better on my own. But all of my author friends, except for a couple, are with publishers. They seriously thought (and think) I was insane for leaving mine. Course, I'm now making more money than most of them. :-) It's cool. :-)

      I'll come check out your blog every now and then. I like your writing style - your voice in words. It's fun. :-)

    3. Well, and when people talk about certain authors being "Overnight Successes" (Like Amanda Hocking), I'm thinking, "She published several books at once! They were all right there for the buying! OF COURSE she did well, but it certainly wasn't overnight." LOL

    4. Yeah, and a lot of the time, the people who are bringing up authors like that don't take in the fact that these authors have been writing nearly their entire lives. Amanda Hocking had written 17 novels before she self-published! She put the work in. And yes - she's a good storyteller, but her books wouldn't have taken off like that if she hadn't put up a bunch in a short time. It really does help!


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