Friday, July 6, 2012

The day I can be a full time writer...

Will be the day I can dye my hair a funky color, get a treble clef/bass clef tattoo on the inside of my wrist and focus on what I truly want to do. I'll have a career. I'll be able to work with passion. I had a really long day.

Things I never want to happen again: I never want to listen to someone's lame and disgusting attempt at phone sex with a Philippino lady. I don't want people to come into my store five minutes before closing and then proceeding to shop after we've turned off the music. I want to be a SAHW (Stay-at-home-Writer) as a career so I want have to hear disgusting cursing (For the record, the "C" word is the word I hate most in the English language) along with...other things. It's probably the worst part of main job and it's happened twice this week. I had to listen to Rebecca St. James on my way home and treat myself to a PB Cup Green Monster once I got home! (For the record, I stop listening once it becomes explicit. He dropped that "C" word, and that was it. It was said in a sexually inappropriate manner and I shouldn't have to listen.)

I am very proud of the work that I've done at all four of my jobs (Regular, BBW, Writing, Worship Team), but actually finishing the book and getting it published on Smashwords and now Kindle today (should be available by 12 PM CST on July 7). I set myself (and my mommy!) up as a Goodreads Author, and my book is now uploaded (sadly, not the picture. Not sure how to fix that). I tried to get a Widget for the side of my blog, but apparently either Goodreads isn't good enough for Blogger, or Blogger isn't good enough for Goodreads. I'm too sleepy to really care right now.

Anyway, I hope for anyone who is a Goodreads user (, please "Like" my page (, and if you've purchased the book, either at Smashwords or Kindle, please write a review to tell others what you think. If you liked it, please tell your friends. Indie Authors rely on word of mouth. I've started working on book two of the series, hopefully I can get it out by the end of August. I have several books planned, it's just getting them out. Hopefully I can.

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  1. No worries love you will get there! I know exactly how you feel!!! We will get to where we want to be!!! You will be there before you know it! :) I know you are a brilliant writer and have confidence you will succeed.


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