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Work Hard. Play Hard.

I owe you guys a humongous apology. I've been Sally Whiney-Pants lately. No excuses. I was in a negative place, but I'm hoping I'm through it. It could be because I had a good day today, or it could just be because I've been hearing a quote several times lately. At least once a week since May, but it really hit me today at my company's Annual Summit Meeting (Off the headset, FTW!).

While listening to her speak about, the CEO of my company was talking about how hard we have to work to become the best in the business, and she went on to talk about how only select people can do hard things, and that's what makes it worth it. She then, inadvertently, quoted Tom Hanks in the fantastic, legendary sports chick flick, A League of Their Own. Watch the clip below.

I adore this movie. And I always thought Jimmy had a bit of a crush on Dottie, but being the loutish, drunken gentleman he was, he'd disguise it as wanting his best player to stay and win the World Series for him.

But, it's so true. The things in life that are the most worthwhile are also the hardest. I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately, and my book hasn't been coming, and regular work has been getting harder. I was getting ready to throw in the towel. Two things happened today, though.

One: my mother finished reading my original draft of my book today. I can finally move ahead with ALL edits and get it to my aunt for the second round of edits. It's one thing off my mind because I feel that I can move forward with it. Oh, and she liked it! She really liked it! She thinks it could be really great with just a few tweaks. Lu's been telling me that for awhile, too, and I feel like a year's worth of work is finally starting to pay off.

Secondly, at that meeting today (and I knew this was coming), I got a Circle of Excellence Award for being in the top thirteen analysts in my company. Check the Award

Company Logo hidden to protect the identity of my Employer. This blog isn't about my work there.

All week, I have been going through the motions, not seeing the point behind my work, actions, etc. It has been driving me batty, and things have been changing so rapidly that I was having a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Now, the award ISN'T the Be All, End All of what I do. It did tell me, though, that my hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. The information they shared with us today told me that our clients not only appreciate us, but they wouldn't be where they are without us.

I used to go to a monthly meeting that explained what the point of our work was. We haven't had one in a long time, and I lost sight of why we do it. Liza*, our CEO, quoted Tom Hanks to us today. She reiterated how choosy they are in picking out Analysts. When I worked at this company with my sister, we went to my first Summit meeting in January, and while watching the awards given out, I thought, for sure, she would get this award at our next Summit. I still believe she would have if she hadn't moved away. When I got the email stating that I'd won, I almost fell off my chair.

So, again, if you feel you're working hard, remember that not everyone can. If they could, everyone would have your job. They wouldn't have to be so picky. Not everyone can be a writer. Not everyone writes like I do. It is hard. It is mind-numbing and causes me to break down into tears if I can't figure something out right when I want it, but the pay off after such a daunting task is over is immense. When I got an A on my senior project, that was one of the biggest payoffs of my life.

So, just remember,

  •  What tasks have you found to be almost too daunting?
    • Did you move past it and succeed?
*Not her real name


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