Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's Timing vs. My Timing

Anyone keeping track of the Colorado Fires this week? My Aunt, Uncle, Grandpa and Cousins all live out there in the Colorado Springs area and my aunt has been posting pictures pretty regularly. It's pretty scary.

Since last November (probably longer), I've been planning my move to Colorado. I wanted to be there at the beginning of this month. I think about stuff like this and it makes me wonder if God is actually protecting me from something. Specifically fires right now.

A couple years ago, when I was living in a bad situation, my dog had just died, and I was really upset with no support system anywhere near me. I'm convinced that God orchestrated my plans to be able to move back to Iowa the very next day. Otherwise, I probably would have killed someone.

We can't see the big picture. It's really hard to know what the Plan is for our lives, but I believe that we'll get there eventually. I'm following the fires on the news and through facebook, and it's honestly starting to freak me out. The flames look close, and remind me of a disaster movie.

Check these out

View from my Aunt's house

Another view. Getting worse.

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The closest I've ever been to a fire is when varnish combusted when we were finishing our basement when I was thirteen. Scary, but God protected us. I just pray this madness ends soon.

As much as I hate watching this on the news, I do feel a sense of relief that God is keeping me safe. I just pray He keeps my family, friends, and all of the citizens of the area safe.


  1. Amen!!! :) I am glad you are safe!!! Now we just need to pray that Colorado gets some rain to prevent more damage. Was your family in Colorado Springs Evacuated?

    1. My cousin, Andrew, and his kids got evacuated and moved in with his younger brother and family. No new updates other than that.