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Go for the (Metaphorical) Gold!

I mentioned the other day that I want to start training for the RunDisney Princess and Tinkerbell Half Marathons by 2014. Well, since I joined a gym last week, I started running this week. I started the C25K (Couch to 5K) training yesterday, using a free app on my phone. It's kind of a pain, but I did notice a difference between how I was running yesterday and today. I also felt really tight calf muscles, so I think a good stretching regime is in order.

I have a hard time attaining goals. I don't know why, but aside from getting to my dream college, and actually graduating, I can't really think of specific goals I've accomplished. I finished my first novel, but I'm still in the process of editing it, so it doesn't count. The end result of a finished book means that I'm one step closer to being a professional writer and can take that step to have it be my whole income.

 First, we have the Tinkerbell Half Marathon which takes your through Disneyland, Anaheim and Disney's Animal Kingdom. There are wings and glitter and wands to be had. My sister and I have talked about dressing up as Flora and Fauna from "Sleeping Beauty" and when telling mom about it, she said she'd be the "short, dumpy one," (referring to Merriweather), and that's a direct quote that she repeated at lunch today when I talked to my aunt about it.

 On your left, we have the Princess Half Marathon medal from this past year. At the Princess race, there are tutus and tiaras and glitter! Photo ops with Disney characters and running through the parks! What's not to love? My sister wants to dress up as Belle, but I'd like to be a less familiar Disney Princess. Meg from "Hercules." She was spunky!

On your left, we have the Disney Coast to Coast Medal. You have to run two races, one in Florida and one in California, in one calendar year, to qualify for that medal.

Those are the first two running goals. To motivate myself, I Google race recaps for the specific races I want to run. I read one recap which was for the Disney World Marathon, by Caitlin, where she did a fantastic recap, going through what she went through, how she felt, etc. It's definitely a big switch from the others I read. I think reading blogs like that give me a bit more preparation so I know what to expect.

Once I finish the C25K program, I' thinking that I want to look around for a 5K to run this fall or something, and just keep trucking on, and building endurance, etc. I'm definitely thinking that I want to run in the Susan G. Komen walk in Omaha this October. I wanted to a couple years ago, but my family wanted to leave and go to brunch instead, so we did. Probably for the best. I wasn't ready to run a quarter mile, let alone a 5K (which, for the record, is 3.1 miles).

Eventually, I think it'd be awesome to run all the Disney races in one year (There's that Cock-Eyed Optimist again, rearing her perky head!). Check out some medals from year's past.

 LOVE the Chip and Dale race medal! I kind of want to get one of those because I love C & D!
Doesn't Donald look frightening, though? I know he's greedy, but is the golden eye a bit much?

Tower of Terror. Last time I went to Disney World, and we went to Disney Studios, I was too chicken to ride it (I was eleven). This medal is actually from the Disney Studios in California. I'd love to ride both of them.

This race takes place at night, and there are tons of Disney villains everywhere. I love the villains. They honestly make their movies because if the villains weren't there, there wouldn't BE a movie. They provide a foil for the hero, giving him something to do.

So, now that I've got some visual motivation, here's hoping I can keep going to the gym (20 minutes to start, alternating walking and running is NOT terrible!) for the rest of the week. And if I can get rid of some of this excess weight in the process, all the better. When I got home, I was craving something healthy, and made a "salad" bowl of shredded beets, marinated kale (in EVOO), minced garlic, brown rice, salt and pepper. It was pretty tasty, and I'm hoping that it was exactly what my body was craving, health wise.

But, I am exhausted. Busy times at the store because of sale, and I've been working my tail off. Having a great time doing it, too. I LOVE being busy.

 Before I go back to work on the book, I want to give a shout out Happy Father's Day to my amazing daddy. I am a completely spoiled daughter for having you as my father. Love you lots!

On the Disney Dream, September 2011. This was our formal night. Me, Daddy (Notice the Dalmatians on the tie!) and my mom. The Enchanted Garden was truly enchanted!

What motivates you in your goals? Any big things coming up that you're excited about?


  1. I'm going to start working out and training again this week, promise. I want the Princess and Fairy medals, dammit! And it's still up in the air which princess I want to be. I'm kind of thinking that Snow White might be fun.

    Also, I love the pics, but what's the deal? Half the family pics you put up you'd never know you had a sister! lol.

  2. I talk about you all the time! And there are pics of us. We just happen to be with lots of other people most of the time. When you get around to writing that guest blog, I'll do a whole introductory post about our wonderfully screwed up relationship.

  3. I know. I'm just giving you grief. I do it with love.


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