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Why Jane Austen?

So, since the title of my blog is called "The Modern Jane Austen," and I haven't blogged in quite a few days (I'm planning a recap of my first MLB game in Kansas City VERY soon. Just a matter of loading pictures from my phone to my computer), I thought I'd explain the title.

When I was in sixth grade, I saw Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility for the first time. This was about two or three years after it had been released. Before that, the only time I'd ever heard of Jane Austen was on ABC's The Torkelson's (Fairly cute, but failed sitcom about a single woman raising five kids on a SERIOUS budget) and Wishbone (Most amazing show for kids EVER!!!!). Back in the days when TV Guide Channel was just a hazy channel with different show listings, while playing movie trailers for background noise, they showed the trailer that intrigued me, and before long, I found I could quote it (and thus my love affair with Kate Winslet began, but I digress), and just HAD to see that movie.

While shopping with my dad at Best Buy, I found the movie on tape (old school!), and gobbled it up. It became my favorite movie. I had no idea why things were so...I don't even know. I didn't know how the inheritance thing worked between the Dashwood girls and their brother, or the Ferrars brothers, I didn't know why Fanny had such a hissy fit when Lucy told her she was engaged to Edmund. I didn't get it, but I loved the romance between Marianne and Willoughby (yes. Now that I'm grown, I totally get that he was a tool, and Colonel Brandon was awesome).From there, I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma (I watch it for everyone but her. I'm really not a fan, but Jeremy Northam's Mr. Knightley is the cream of the Austen Men crop). And then Colin Firth in BBC's Pride and Prejudice when I was nearing high school. I knew nothing of the secondary story of Wickham or any of that. I honestly thought he was a good guy. That's how charming he was. He had me completely fooled. In high school, I finally sat down to read the books and fell in love with them. P&P will always be my favorite, and that's where my title comes in to play.

Greatest Darcy EVER!

Sexual Tension, Austen Style

Greatest Knightley EVER!

When I got to college, around 2004, I was seriously obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. I couldn't wait for Joe Wright's adaptation of it, and being that I attended a women's college, I figured I'd have to study Jane at some point, right?

For God only knows what reasons, my classmates (notice, I didn't say friends) didn't get my obsession with Jane. She was just "Chick Lit" to them (I feel like these girls didn't want to bother with Jane). I had to wait five years to study Emma in one of my classes. I'm still convinced it was so the faculty could shut me up. I enjoyed that segment more than any other part of college. Also, I wouldn't shut up during the discussions, either. I finally had a lot to say.

Between my friends, I was the observer. I've never really dated. I've been on a few bad dates (not even kidding. One date, we started talking about canned Mac n Cheese by Chef Boyardee. Yikes!). So, while all my friends dated, I observed their habits. Jane, I believe, was an observer, and it comes across in her writing. She writes characters so well and so ridiculous that they have to be based on real observations.

Add to the fact that I could spout of the Darcy family tree at a moment's notice, and you've got me. The Modern Jane Austen.

Jane never married. She had the opportunity and people urged her to get to it. I haven't really had the opportunity, but PLENTY of people have told me to get to it, like I'm on a cosmic timeline that I'm unaware of. I know that it's ridiculous to base what you want in a man out of a character in a book, and I'm trying not to, but when all the men I meet are either married, with someone, or showing absolutely no interest, I don't believe in making a fool of myself. Also, and call me crazy, but am I the only one in the world who wants a man who can express himself well in writing? I HATE text speak. Seriously. And misspelling. I really really hate them. Is that so wrong? Family members tell me yes, but my girlfriends say Hell No!

Honorable Mention for Early Morning Tenacity. :-)

So, my two followers, what do you look for in a man? Any qualities that people think are completely bogus?

Any nicknames from college that you can't (or won't) outlive? The one I can't (and won't) outlive, is actually Beeker. My friends Kaity and Jess still call me that. LOL. Cracks me up.

I can't leave you without showing the extent of my obsession.

My cat, Jane Austen

Yes, I probably will be a crazy cat lady one day.


  1. I miss you too! I was just telling Kaity the other night that I can't wait for Manda's wedding so we can see each other again!

  2. I never thought you were crazy for liking Jane Austen!!! I didn't really know much about her until you and Lauren had introduced me to her (Other than the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice). I can see you are much like Jane Austen and I seriously wouldn't be surprised if her were related to her in someway (Distant Cousin perhaps?). I understand how you feel about certain people asking if or when you are going to get married, It is very annoying...

    In regard to the question about what qualities I would look for in a guy (even though I am not really interested in looking at this time) would be they have to have a great sense of humor, responsible, honest, and kind I suppose. As you stated though all those men are usually married or dating someone and there really is no point in wasting my time with. I would prefer to observe as you do and watch other people's relationships prosper and/or fall apart around me!

    You are not crazy for desiring a man who is able to express them self well in writing. If that is what you fell is important than seriously stand by that ideal and one day you will find your Mr. Darcy...


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