Sunday, April 29, 2012

Car Issues and Editing and Soaps, Oh My!

Holy Hiatus, Batman! Did NOT mean to take so many days between blog posts. Between car issues (missed the main job on Friday, thank you very much, Cara!~my car) and working extra shifts at the second job down at the mall (Bath and Body Works, how I love you!), it's been a crazy couple days.

Today, after church and working BBW (and buying lots of soap on the last day of THE BEST sale!), I came home and got to talk to my sis. It was nice. She's a writer too, and I hope to encourage her writing. She has such great ideas, but she's been at a writing stand still. All writers know of the dreaded block. Sometimes you just have to ride (write?) it out, deadlines be damned.

Tonight, I finished the last of my mom's most recent edits (she's barely made a dent in what actual story is there, but it's cool. I liked her ideas and she even gave me some new ones that got four LOLs, so woo hoo!). I can't even begin to say how excited this story makes me. It's funny, it's exciting, hopefully there's a bit of romance thrown in. It's the kind of book you can read at the airport and it'll make the time fly (I hope). I honestly don't want to set myself up to write the next Great American Novel. I really could care less. I want to write stories that make people laugh, cry, possibly go "Aww!" Even if they chuck the book across the room, that's okay, too (Unless you're at the airport. THEN, you might be taken to airport security. Just sayin').

Anyhoozlebees, it is getting late, but I will leave you with this. The title of the first book is "Sugar and Spies." Are you getting as excited as I am?

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  1. Great title and I am looking forward to reading it my love!


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