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Car Issues and Editing and Soaps, Oh My!

Holy Hiatus, Batman! Did NOT mean to take so many days between blog posts. Between car issues (missed the main job on Friday, thank you very much, Cara!~my car) and working extra shifts at the second job down at the mall (Bath and Body Works, how I love you!), it's been a crazy couple days.

Today, after church and working BBW (and buying lots of soap on the last day of THE BEST sale!), I came home and got to talk to my sis. It was nice. She's a writer too, and I hope to encourage her writing. She has such great ideas, but she's been at a writing stand still. All writers know of the dreaded block. Sometimes you just have to ride (write?) it out, deadlines be damned.

Tonight, I finished the last of my mom's most recent edits (she's barely made a dent in what actual story is there, but it's cool. I liked her ideas and she even gave me some new ones that got four LOLs, so woo hoo!). I can't even begin to say how excited this story makes me. It's funny, it&…

Writing Rules from College

When did summer get here? Seriously. It's APRIL! My phone says the Midwest had a high today of 93 degrees, and man! Could I feel it on my way home. Mostly because I have no air conditioning and leather seats. But, the nice weather makes it so hard to concentrate at the real job when it's so gorgeous outside.

So far, I haven't done anything on my book, but my editor started reading today. I learned something. I am TERRIBLE at fleshing out my rough drafts. When I was in college, my Screenwriting Teacher/Advisor, Kate, taught me (and the entire class) three very important lessons.

The First is: "Don't Get it Right, Get it Written." It doesn't matter how the first draft goes, so long as you get it down on paper before you forget it. This has been the most important of the lessons I learned because I am notorious for forgetting really good ideas. At least I think they were good. If I wrote them down, I'd probably know. Which leads me number two:

The Second…

The Real Jane Austen

Hi! My name is Becky. I'm a writer, and when I was in college, my friends compared me to Jane Austen. It's probably because I love romantic comedies, but also because I'm constantly observing my surroundings. I take notice of things that other people can't really see (and sometimes fight me on it when I try to bring it to their attention. *shrugs*).

Anyway, I've recently finished writing a book (book one in a series, I hope!), and decided that a blog would probably be the best way to get the word out (ya know, besides take out an ad somewhere). I'm slowly becoming obsessed with reading other people's blogs. Mostly health and wellness, and while I'll probably have a bit of that in here (my parents just put together a Lippert Family Cookbook, chronicling all the recipes in my mom's family), I've got several interests.

I'm a geek. Seriously. My dad saw "Star Wars" in the theater seven times. I'm pretty sure the geekiness is heredi…